28 May 2005

Feeling Mushy

"no other love can warm my heart
now that i've found the comforts of your arms
no other love.
i was blessed with love to love you
'til the stars burn up above you
'til the moon is but a silver shell
no other love....."

These are lines from the song "no other love" which happens to be the favorite song of my parents. Today is their 43rd wedding anniversary. I'm so proud of my parents. I heard my tatay/father sing this song to my nanay/mother a few days ago while we were the only ones left in the office. My father has a good singing voice.

18 May 2005


The afternoon rains are becoming more frequent lately. I think another season is about to turn. Although the rain is a welcome relief from the heat, it can also be a hassle since the usual outcome is a power blackout. Because of the intense heat during the day, the rains usually become violent (i.e. thunder & lightning) at night. I hate lightning...because I'm afraid of it. I don't know why, but I'm afraid of it :-( Last Saturday the whole town experienced 2 hours of power blackout because of the rain. After the weather cleared up, it became hotter and more humid probably because water was already evaporating. Kainis!

09 May 2005

Manic Monday

I wish the day went on the way I entitled this log but it didn't. I don't like Mondays. Why can't we just skip Mondays and go on to Wednesdays or Fridays. It's super hot and humid these days. Konting galaw mo lang pawis na agad. Tapos may nag-email sa website ko asking me bakit hindi raw pure english ang weblog ko? Hindi daw niya maintindihan. Bumili na lang siya ng dictionary. Tinatamad akong whole english ang log ko. English barok na lang ako baka gusto niya. Ok here we go. "Hi! Hello! I myself is apologize for not typewriting the diary in the pure english languages. Nevertheless, I hope your visitation to here, there and everywhere in the website was fulfilled with so many many more and much more fantastical feeling of happiness. I also hope you will going to go to drop by against here. I thaught that now the personality who emailed me complaining the log were not done in englishes is now joyful because at present I typewriting this log in english very fluenter. Hoping for your kind consideration. The End."
Just messing with you guys. ;-) Hehe. It's almost 10pm. Time to gym.

05 May 2005


It's soooo freaking hot. I can stand the heat but not the humidity. Humidity makes you feel sticky all over. I really don't like it. My electric bills are way up because my airconditioners are working overtime. My room happens to be the warmest area in my house so electric fans just won't do. My entire family is planning to go on a vacation either this weekend or next weekend. I'm having second thoughts of joining them. It's too hot to travel. Yesterday I think it was 40+ degrees centrigrade. I just want to stay inside my home with my airconditioners in full power. Kaya lang parents ko baka magtampo. Oh the drama! ;-) I'm going back to work. Ciao!