23 November 2005

Christmas Tree 2005

I already placed my Christmas tree in my living room. I think I need more balls in different sizes to hang in my tree. Balls...Haha! In the Philippines, we use plastic trees, unlike in the U.S. or Europe wherein some people still prefer to use real trees. I still have to buy a Christmas lantern or as we call it here, a "parol" to hang in my terrace.

My fondest memory of Christmas took place when I was around 6 or 7 yrs. old. It was Christmas & I was upset because I forgot to hang a Christmas stocking/sock for Santa to place his gift in. My nanay/mother told me "magsabit ka ng stocking baka bumalik si Santa/why don't you hang a stocking, Santa might return for you." I did what my nanay told me and the following day I found a plastic toy box which contains lots of candies and chocolates inside it. That memory always makes me smile. My nanay is really sweet. I love her very much even if she nags me a lot :-)


french teacher said...

wwooooooooooooowww christmas tree in november ...very very upset to have your gifts i think ;o)
for me in france, i can't make christmas tree know because i use real one.... so to have a great tree for the 12/25/05 i cant' make it know ...but im very upset to have my gifts toooooooo :o))))
always as you say with the sock ....
see you soon mister rey

Anonymous said...

you and all gay people are immoral and unchristian. repent before you go to hell.

Rey/Toyo said...

kausap mo ako? ;-)