27 January 2006

Video Blog

Since I'm quite "busy" to make individual video emails for my friends, I thought of posting my video messages in my blog. Actually, medyo tamad lang ako gumawa ng video emails. Hehe! I've placed english subtitles for viewers who can't understand filipino/tagalog. Click the direct video link under the screen to view the video in full size.

the direct video link is: http://www.youtube.com/?v=FFvrJNLhVWI

20 January 2006

My Video Diary

My very first video blog. Click the play button to watch it. :-)

01 January 2006

Happy New Year!

My friends keep asking me "whatever happened to your work-outs?" Well, I stopped for a month or so because the cold climate made me lazy. I took a webcam photo of myself "flexing" and I realized that I now have a.....CHEST! My hard work actually paid off??? Hehe. I'm already happy with the outcome. If it gets any bigger, that will be a great bonus. Now, I need to work on my stomach. HAPPY HAPPY NEW YEAR! :-)




I updated my music page in my main website. Disco and upbeat music are the themes this time around.