01 January 2006

Happy New Year!

My friends keep asking me "whatever happened to your work-outs?" Well, I stopped for a month or so because the cold climate made me lazy. I took a webcam photo of myself "flexing" and I realized that I now have a.....CHEST! My hard work actually paid off??? Hehe. I'm already happy with the outcome. If it gets any bigger, that will be a great bonus. Now, I need to work on my stomach. HAPPY HAPPY NEW YEAR! :-)




I updated my music page in my main website. Disco and upbeat music are the themes this time around.


kevin said...

nakakaasar ka ayaw mo talaga akong pansinin! crush pa naman kita. saw you at st. luke's med center last month? u were wearing a black tight fit shirt & black jeans. ang puti mo naman. papable na papable. i thought you were tan.

Rey/Toyo said...

yes i was at st. luke's visiting my nanay. you should have approached me if you wanted to talk. i am NOT a snob. slight lang. hehe! kidding!

mike said...

hotta! hotta! hotta! that's all i have to say.

french teacher said...

great photo rey ..i see that there in philippine it do very very hot
see you soon mister rey ;o)

Anonymous said...

i thought u were japanese because ur name toyo. here u look like biseinen not bishonen because the muscles ;)

LionelAndrei said...

how long did you work out before you got your chest?