24 December 2007

Happy Holidays! ;-)

I'm making a list, and checking it twice. I'm gonna find out who's naughty & nice...
I tried to apply as a Santa Claus in one of those malls in the city but they wouldn't hire me. Just
because I only let cute men who've been naughty this year sit on my lap, listen to their wishes and then give them their gifts doesn't mean that I'm not qualified to be a Santa Claus!!!! Grrr! It's unfair! I spent thousands....of centavos on my Santa outfit. Boohuhu! ;-)
All I want is to spread the message of loving and giving to cute men everywhere, and afterwards I'll let them ride my sleigh and I'll take them to my home where we can have biscuits and some milking of my warm pole. Oops! I'm sorry! What I meant to say was, have biscuits & drink some warm milk in the north pole where I your friendly neighborhood Santa Claus lives. LOL! ;-) Kayo talaga ha! Nagmamadali kasi akong magtype nitong blog kaya nami-mix ko yung words...
Hahaha! Just kidding!
Happy holidays to all of us!!!!

10 December 2007

Drew & Mano

One of my favorite couples Andrew & Manolo, was recently here in the Philippines. That's my bf (Ryan) with the cap & glasses, Andrew is the white gentleman, Manolo (Mano) is the gentleman in the blue &white striped shirt, and of course me wearing the shirt with long sleeves eventhough the weather was warm that night :-) The photos were taken at The Fort/Bonifacio Global City which is my new favorite place to chill out. Sawa na ako sa Makati eh. Masarap mag shopping sa Makati (Greenbelt/Glorietta/Rockwell) pero mas gusto ko sa The Fort mag chill. Mas maraming cute don. Hehe! We just finished dinner when the pics were taken which is why I looked bloated. Haha!
Mano & Drew have been together for more than a decade. Sixteen years if I remembered it right, which is why they inspire me to make my own relationship with my bf grow deeper and stay stronger :-) I wish I could have spent more time with them, but November's been a very busy & stressful month for me :-( I hope one day I'll be able to visit them in San Francisco IF I got over my fear of flying. I suffer from terrible air sickness. I wish them the best of health, happiness and more decades together :-) 

06 December 2007

Young & In-Love

An excerpt from a slideshow I presented at my sis' wedding :-)
I have to admit, they make a cute couple.

Malapit na 15th year high school reunion namin. I don't have a date!
Nakabili na nga ako ng winter outfit ko eh. Ipagpipilitan kong mag fur coat. Pero wala akong suot underneath. Flasher??!! Hahaha!
My bf won't be able to accompany me. He has to work daw. Kaasar siya! Work work! Che!!!!Nakakainis! Nakakalungkot! Nakakaloko! Boohuhu! :-(
Parang ayoko ng umattend. Pero baka umattend yung crush ko.
Nakakalito!!!!! ;-)

04 November 2007

Playing Around...

Ryan spent the weekend at my place. Yes, that's my humble home. The fruit of my labor. Opo galing siya sa sinapupunan ko. LOL! Siyempre nag-emote na naman siya pagdating. Hahaha! Aba, nag-investigate ba naman. He asked me if I was faithful to him during the course of our separation from each other. I told him I was only umm...semi-faithful during his long absence because I happen to be a growing boy with growing needs (actually before he visited me at my place, he and I broke-up for a while because I got really upset at him) Hahaha! After I said that, he pulled my hair. I wanted to pull his hair too but umm...he's a skinhead :-(
Ang daya-daya niya, lagi akong talo sa sabunutan. Sabi ko sa chinese garter nalang kami maglaban kaya lang sagot naman niya it's sooo unladylike daw. LOL! Natatakot lang siya kasi dati akong member ng Chinese garter varsity team nung college. Hahaha! On another note, he told me that I can have a fubu to have fun with while he's away BUT he has to be the one to screen and choose my future fubu. Oh no! What if he chose a umm...homely one? My goodness! Paano pag ayoko ng pinili niya for me? Dapat hindi chaka ha! Dapat kamukha ni Dennis Trillo. Hahaha! Babe! For the sake of humanity and umm...my sanity please choose a cute one for me, ok? Mwah! LOL! :-)

23 October 2007


My lola (grandma) passed away at the age of 92 last Saturday (the 20th of Oct.) All of my lolas are in heaven now. It was really painful especially seeing my father cry over the passing of his mother. Fathers are supposed to represent strength in the family...I couldn't help but cry whenever I see my father cry. Even the thought of him crying, makes me cry. These are one of the moments I wished I had a partner comforting me...but I do not. So I have to toughen myself up again like I did when my other lola passed away 2 years ago. There were moments I felt really down though because everybody else had their partners to comfort them throughout this ordeal. My parents have each other, my sisters have their husbands and boyfriend. I had none. Anyway, there's a saying "pain builds up a person's character." Ayoko naman masyadong magpakalungkot, baka mainis si lola sa kaka-emote ko. Baka multohin niya ako at sabunutan :-)

One of my fondest memories of lola took place when I was around 9 or 10 years old. We were in the city zoo and there was this naughty chimpanzee that kept spitting on people. However, when the chimp was busy being mischievous, it didn't notice lola sneaking near the cage. Before the chimp knew it, lola poked its butt using her umbrella causing it to panic and climb its tree. Hahaha! I can't help but smile whenever I remember that scene :-)
I know that lola is in a much better place now. She doesn't have to suffer anymore. No more sickness and pain. I am thankful because if it were not for her, I wouldn't have a loving father, and I wouldn't be here telling the whole world of my appreciation for her. Thank you lola. We love you.

13 October 2007

I'm A Dad!

Well....technically speaking..I'm not. Hehehe! I had a dream a few days ago. In it was the cutest little boy I've ever seen and he called me...dad. Aren't dreams supposed to be the reflections of one's subconscious thoughts and desires? So, does that mean that deep inside I do want to have a kid of my own? I'm confused. I told myself years ago that I would never consider having one. With my current lifestyle, I can't afford to have a kid of my own. I'm too happy-go-lucky to raise a son. Yes, a son! A handsome gay son! Hahaha! I don't want a daughter, they are too high-maintenance. Well, maybe when I'm older, I might consider having a child. But I will not do it the "traditional" way ok? It's through artificial means of course. 'Di ko kayang "pumatol" sa babae. Baka masuka ako. Haha! :-) But if the kid grew up into a brat, I'll return him to where he came from and ask for a refund! LOL! ;-)

Had a check-up earlier. It was just hyperacidity ;-) My hair's getting long again. I like my hair cut very short though like that of a soldier. Military cut :-)

07 October 2007


I've been blogging for years now, and through the course of these years I've learned to develop a thick skin when it comes to dealing with messages/emails that are hateful in nature. I am aware that there are people who do not agree with my sexuality and lifestyle but I don't think that gives them the right to send me messages with hateful terms such as; idiot, asshole, shithead, slut, etc. I've been getting a lot of these types of messages lately. I wonder why? Iniistorbo nila ako. Mga antipatika!!!! Hahaha!
There are also gay men who criticize the sound of my voice so condescendingly. What disappoints me the most is that majority of these gay men are Filipinos like me. I've corresponded with people from other countries and they didn't seem to have any problems regarding the way I speak. It's my fellow Filipino gay brothers who seem to have an "issue" with it. They say that it's a shame that my voice is too gay or soft. They (Filipino homosexual critics) usually refer to themselves as "bisexuals" even though they do not have sex with women. Very confusing! Naloko ako! Hehe! Well, as for me...I am gay and I don't have any intentions of changing the way that I am just to seek other people's approval or meet other people's "standards" with regards to what they believe is attractive. I've done that before and I only ended up feeling miserable, insecure, and shallow.
I don't wish to become a "lemming", a follower...always trying to conform & please everyone. And hindi yata bagay sa akin magsalita ng mga katagang "bro", "dude", "pre", "pare".....pare...pakiss naman pare....Hahaha! Ayokong masyadong maging paminta. 1/4 paminta lang. Hahaha! I just want to be me and I'll continue to be the way that I am as long as the manner in which I live my life doesn't intentionally hurt or offend others in the process. There's already a lot of things negative in this world and I don't wish to be a part of that :-)


I have nothing against bisexuals and pamintas ok?
I even had a relationship with one in the past
Ayoko lang ng overly paminta. They look too stiff ;-)

13 September 2007

Gay Life 3: Buddies

Part 3 of my Gay Life series. I hope you like it :-) We all met through Guys4men.com as was stated in the credits. We decided to make this mini movie for fun and to celebrate our friendship. I plan to do at least 1 more vid before the year ends. I'm already speaking to one Guys4men member to be in the vid with me. I hope I'll be able to get it done. Have a nice day :-)

video link

20 July 2007

Smile :-)

It's only within the last couple of years that I was able to start flashing a genuine smile and laugh a real laugh. I wasn't always this "sunny." I was a sad and angry young man during my late teens & most of my 20s. Sad because a lot of people were mean to me. A lot of people bullied me especially when I was still in school simply because they suspect that I was gay. I wasn't even sure if I was gay that time because I was also confused about my sexuality. I could handle the physical attacks, but it was the emotional bullying that really got to me. I was angry at myself because I let these people who weren't even important in my life control the way I live my own life. I had so many regrets. I had disappointed my family, but most of all I had disappointed myself. However, seeing on television a tragic event that took place within the early part of this century clearly made me realize how short life is. That in one instance, it could be taken away from you. It was then that I finally started letting go of the parts of me that carry a lot of pain, sadness and regret. That I should start loving & accepting myself too. I'm happy I made that choice. Now, whenever I look back at the past & the things I've been through, I sometimes still get teary-eyed not because I'm sad but because I'm glad that I was able to surpass my personal "struggles" and has finally started moving on. I thank God for enlightening me and giving me a loving family which I consider my only treasure in this world.
Yes, life is still beautiful regardless of its ups and downs :-)
That's my niece (who happens to be my neighbor. hehehe!) and my youngest sis with me.
This is what we do after getting home from the office.
We change to our comfy home attire (hehehe) and either watch tv or
play some PS2 games. I can't believe my sis is getting married :-)
I had the curtains & carpet taken off from my living room to be washed.
I lost weight bec. I was sick. Anyway, I have an excuse to binge! Yehey! Food here I come! Hahaha!

14 July 2007


It's sweeping the nation! It's the latest craze this monsoon season! If you don't have it, then you are definitely out of touch with the latest trend. I'm talking about C&C or.......cough and colds! Yes, I have them! LOL! It's the IN thing these days, so I (unintentionally) decided to jump in the bandwagon. Nakiuso at nakiubo na rin ako! Hahaha! I'm just staying indoors. Don't wanna infect anyone.
Pero nainspire ako to launch a project. A fashion show in which lahat ng models dapat umuubo at may tumutulong sipon habang rumarampa sa runway. Kleenex lang saplot nila! Title ng show is Look ala Sipone! Very Avant-garde! Yes? Wag niyo na ako kontrahin! Hahaha! I was so "inspired" that I plan to launch a project runway fashion show thingy! The models will only wear Kleenex and they have to dramatically cough & sniff & sob (not cry ok? haha! ) as they walk the runway! Very Avant-garde huh? LOL! :-) Seriously though, I wanna get well soon. God! Stop teasing me and heal me already! Love Ya! ;-)


My MiniDV Cam is fixed. Yehey!
I hope that young guy from G4M is still willing to act in the video. I will never speak
in my videos anymore though because people make fun of my voice
boohuhu! Nahu-hurt tuloy feelings ko. Boohuhuhu. Waaaah! ;-)
No more video blogs. I'm gonna stick to doing short music vids only.

07 July 2007

BFF :-)

I have a new dog. Yehey!! His name is "Puppy." Yes, that is his name. Even when he's all grownup he will still be called Puppy! LOL! My former dog "Muymuy" died of old age 3 months ago :-( I'm glad I have a new dog. Actually, my older sister's maid saw this pup wandering the streets. She felt sorry for it & brought it to my sister. When nobody claimed it, my sis gave it to me. Puppy is now my new BFF. Best friends forever unless he bites me, if so I'll give him to my employees and let them cook him! Hahaha! Kidding! Kidding! :-)
Now, my youngest sis who lives with me wants a pet of her own. She wants a pet rabbit. I told her that rabbits are just big rats with better fur. Rabbits also have big red eyes. Scary!!! Nakakatakot!

02 July 2007


I had a wonderful weekend. Watched the movie "Transformers." The first half of the film was a little boring but the battle scenes during the latter part were magnificent. Starscream, my favorite decepticon was in the film, so I was happy to see him/it. After watching the flick, Ryan & I went straight to Malate, Manila to attend the Gay Pride events/White Parties. It was my first time to participate in a White Party. I had a great time meeting new people and seeing new faces. I even met some of my cyberbuddies from Guys4Men and Friendster. I met J@e & Bnine from G4M, and Ian II from my Friendster. It was my first time seeing them in person. They were very nice to me. Ryan and I partied the rest of the night away inside BED, one of the more popular bars in Malate. I even ended up taking my shirt off while dancing. Probably because I had a couple of drinks. Hehehe! When we went out of the bar, the sun was already up. It was tiring. It was crowded everywhere. It was a lot of fun :-) I wasn't able to hook-up (what??!!! hahaha!) with some hot guy though because Ryan was not in his best mood (oh no!!!) because his feet were a little sore. Poor baby! :-( There was this one guy that I was interested in but he kept giving me mixed messages/signals so I decided to stop wasting time on him. I just slept the rest of the day/morning away at Ryan's condo. Fortunately I wasn't drooling in my sleep while he took this photo. Hehehe! :-) bagsak! / exhaustion!

16 June 2007

Thinking Of You...

I wish you could stay, but you're so far away...

so far away....
Feeling a little melancholy today.
Anyway, my hair's getting long. Time for a haircut.

07 June 2007

Nocturnal Habit

I'm still hungry eventhough I just finished having my midnight snack a while ago. I workout in the gym at night from 10-12am and afterwards I eat my night snack. I workout in the evening because it helps me fall asleep a lot faster. Helps me fight my insomnia. Working out leaves me hungry though. Hehehe! For my midnight snack, I had 2 porkchops, half a cup of rice, a baked potato with melted cheese, and some "tuyo" which is a filipino dish made up of dried, salted fish. I'm allergic to tuyo but I couldn't resist eating it. I love eating tuyo even if it smells :-) The "tuyo" I had has a spicy sauce. Yummmmy! I also had a pear for my dessert. By the way, tuyo is different from toyo. Toyo in Filipino means soy sauce. Toyo is also a Filipino slang word used to refer to someone who is in a bad mood. Hahaha! I almost forgot, "tuyo" also means dry in Filipino

I'm hungry again! Maybe I'll eat some donuts or some chicken nuggets or that hamburger I bought at Burger Machine late this afternoon. I prefer Burger Machine over McDonald's or Jollibee. Their burgers are a lot tastier and cheaper. I'm not sure if they're cleaner but still...masarap siya! Wendy's burgers are still my overall favorite though :-)

I burned my credit card earlier this week! Nakakainis!! I always end up burning my card when I'm in the mall. LOL! Bigla ko naman kasing binili agad yung shirts. Akala ko sale lahat yung kinuha ko. Naka 4k+ tuloy ako. My gosh! Sisley pa yung brand, sana isang A/X nalang binili ko. Yung type kong white long sleeves na shirt na nasa window display sa A/X sa Glorietta (Talagang sinabi ko yung branch no??? Hahaha!) which was my first choice to begin with. Nakakaasar! Bullshit!! No! It's double bullshit for making a mistake!!!! Grrrrrrrrrr! :-(
Note to self: Rey! Do NOT shop for a month!
Di bale cute naman yung shirt na nabili ko. Yeah right, keep telling yourself that Rey. Oh no! I'm beginning to argue with myself. Hahaha! Haba ng P.S. ko no? ;-)

10 May 2007


Ryan (my bf) has recently moved into his new pad. I visited his place earlier this week. I took some pics. He still haven't unpacked yet. I liked it very much. It's a lot bigger than his previous condominium unit. He kept making fun of me saying "siguro naman di ka na mag-iinarte at di na masikip ang condo ko!" that I wouldn't complain anymore because his new place is a lot bigger. Hahaha! The only thing I don't like is the location. He now lives in Makati City, which is quite far from Bulacan. It usually takes me 45 mins. to an hour to drive from my home in Bulacan to Quezon City where he used to live. Now, it will probably take me +/- 2 hours to drive all the way to Makati. I hate driving in the city. I hate the traffic, most especially the unruly bus & jeepney drivers. If you drive in the city of Manila or Makati, etc., you'll know what I'm talking about. I can handle a long-distance relationship (my last relationship was one), but I know he's not used to this kind of setup. Sometimes whenever he feels down because we're apart I phone him & tell/tease him that it's physically beneficial for us because if we're together all the time we'd end up as skin and bones from making love 24/7. LOL! I can't help it, I love sex! Sex is the national pastime of gay men! Hahaha! I told him I had a dream recently wherein the two of us were "baptizing" his new place & to complete the "blessing" a third guy MUST make love to us. A threesome??!! Hahaha! I teased/told him that I could turn that dream into a reality if he wanted me to. He said "you are soooo kinky!" and I replied "more than one year na tayo, ngayon mo lang nalaman?" ("you only figured that out now after more than a year of knowing me??") Hahaha!

I've received several messages asking when I'm to publish a new video. I still haven't had my camcorder fixed. I can't find the damn warranty. I need the warranty receipt so I could either have my cam fixed or replaced. I'll try to make one next month in time for Gay Pride. Yehey!!!! :-)

11 April 2007

Infatuation 2007

It's that time of the year when I once again name the men that I have a HUGE crush on! Actually I had nothing significant to blog today so I ended up talking about my infatuations. Hahaha! On 5th place is Rocco. He's cute and is a world-class chef. I love to eat and he loves to cook. Perfect combination if I may say ;-) No. 4 is Gerard. He's such a yummy daddy in the movie "300." Delicious!!!! ;-)Dennis, a Filipino actor is on 3rd place. He seems demure and innocent but underneath that boy-next-door look of his lies a sexy young man. Ryan's on 2nd place. He's a funny guy and a stud at the same time. I love a guy who can make me laugh. I love to laugh. Hahaha! See? I'm laughing now! ;-) And my number 1 crush is Ricky! He's always been on my list. He can sing. He can dance. He's always welcome to shake his bon bon at me anytime he wishes to. Yeah right! Dream on Toyo! Dream on! Hehehe!
To my blog readers (all 4 of you. hahaha) who've been asking when I'm going to publish a new music video/video clip on my youtube channel, I'll probably do one before the end of May. I already have a concept in mind & I'm thinking of inviting 1 of my friends at guys4men.com to be in the vid. His profile name there is revilo1. I think he'll be perfect for the role because he's young, cute & I'm taller than him. I'm only 5'7" tall. I still have to convince the cutey. He's quite shy :-)

04 April 2007


This is my gym. It's not only a place where I workout, it's also where I spend time whenever I'm really stressed or getting a little bit hotheaded. Exercising calms me down and clears my mind.
Speaking of stress, I got annoyed at Ryan (my bf) lately. He asked me to come over his pad last Saturday. I told him that I would come over but that I didn't want to stay there too long because I wanted to go barhopping which I had not been able to do in months. The last time I had a "nightlife" was December of last year. Although I love it here in the province, too much of the same scenery can get a little boring. I arrived at his place around +/- 7:00pm. We had dinner and afterwards he asked if he could take a nap first because it's still too early in the evening, & that I should wake him up around 1:30am. I decided/tried to wake him up around 2:30am instead so that he'll be more rested. He ended up waking around 3:30am.

We left his pad at Quezon City around 4am. We stopped by his office in Makati around +/- 4:20am to get his mobile phone adaptor. It was +/- 4:30am when we arrived at Government Bar, but there was a long line/crowd of people trying to get inside the place & I wasn't in the best mood to fall in line because I was already upset at Ryan for making me wait for hours in his pad while he slept. He didn't even want me to go out while he was asleep so I won't get bored. Getting back at the story, so since it was packed at Government we decided to head to Malate (Bed Bar). By the time we arrived in Malate, it was already +/- 5:00am. To make matters worse, we were pulled over by the police. The cop said that we entered a one-way street although there weren't any signs saying that it was a one-way street. Fortunately the cop was kind & understanding enough to let us go without ticketing us. We arrived at the bar around +/-5:30am. The sun was already beginning to shine. I decided to just have breakfast at Adriatico instead. Afterwards we went home. We accomplished nothing that night. Driving back from Manila to my home here in Bulacan, I didn't speak to him. It was his idea for me to go to the city in the first place & I rarely go to the city. I rarely go barhopping and I whenever I barhop I want it to be with him because he is after all my bf. Naiyak ako sa inis. Minsan lang ako mag-aya to have some fun 'di pa napagbigyan. Treat ko naman. Nasayang lang outfit ko. LOL! And then he got upset at me for not talking to him. Whatever! From now on ikakabisado ko na streets of Manila para next time that I want to unwind in the city, di na ako aasa sa kanya. Hahaha! ;-) In the meantime, I'll just workout in my sanctuary room & get a boost of endorphins out of it so that I'll feel happier and less irritated, and I can smile again the way I'm smiling in the picture. LOL! ;-)

22 March 2007

Eye In The Sky

My part of the world. My gosh! I can see our family compound. This is soo weird! I can see the rooftop of my home, the homes of my parents and siblings, our warehouses, and office. I didn't mark my exact location because I don't want some stranger to suddenly knock on the front gate of our compound. People shouldn't divulge too much personal info over the internet. By the way, I wasn't the one who marked the other locations/areas ok?

09 March 2007


My webcam's been with me for 4 years now. It has seen me change physically throughout the years. Watched my weight go up and down. Watched my bangs & hair recede. Oh no!!! My precious hair!!! ;-) My webcam made it possible for me to visually communicate & make friends from people of different backgrounds from different parts of the world, some of which are still in contact with me after all these years although we haven't met in real life. We even exchange gifts during holidays :-)
It was also through one of my internet videochats that I met my current bf. He & I were cyberbuddies before we decided to meet in-person, and the rest was history. Next month we'll be celebrating our 1st year anniversary :-)

Four years had passed. The PC that I first connected my webcam to is now gone. The cramped bedroom I used to sleep in in my parents home has been replaced with my very own bedroom in my very own house. My sister graduated from college a year after the photo of her & I making silly faces in front of the camera was taken, & before this year ends, she'll be married. And my lokong/crazy nephew will be entering high shool as a senior this year. A lot of things have changed yet my webcam still remains with me, witnessing...capturing bits of my life :-)

24 February 2007


It's me ranting about things and stuff! Hehehe! My lokong nephew broke my handycam so I was forced to use my webcam :-(
I told you I'll be back! ;-)

27 January 2007

A More Subtle Version

Ryan wanted a more poignant version of this video so I changed the song and his wish was granted :-)
Yeah, I'm a fan of Celine.

16 January 2007


I made a short clip containing excerpts of scenes that didn't make the final version of my videos, various videoblogs i didn't publish, and personal video messages before I finally delete them from my computer. Video files tend to take up a lot of memory from your PC. Happy New Year!!! :-)