10 May 2007


Ryan (my bf) has recently moved into his new pad. I visited his place earlier this week. I took some pics. He still haven't unpacked yet. I liked it very much. It's a lot bigger than his previous condominium unit. He kept making fun of me saying "siguro naman di ka na mag-iinarte at di na masikip ang condo ko!" that I wouldn't complain anymore because his new place is a lot bigger. Hahaha! The only thing I don't like is the location. He now lives in Makati City, which is quite far from Bulacan. It usually takes me 45 mins. to an hour to drive from my home in Bulacan to Quezon City where he used to live. Now, it will probably take me +/- 2 hours to drive all the way to Makati. I hate driving in the city. I hate the traffic, most especially the unruly bus & jeepney drivers. If you drive in the city of Manila or Makati, etc., you'll know what I'm talking about. I can handle a long-distance relationship (my last relationship was one), but I know he's not used to this kind of setup. Sometimes whenever he feels down because we're apart I phone him & tell/tease him that it's physically beneficial for us because if we're together all the time we'd end up as skin and bones from making love 24/7. LOL! I can't help it, I love sex! Sex is the national pastime of gay men! Hahaha! I told him I had a dream recently wherein the two of us were "baptizing" his new place & to complete the "blessing" a third guy MUST make love to us. A threesome??!! Hahaha! I teased/told him that I could turn that dream into a reality if he wanted me to. He said "you are soooo kinky!" and I replied "more than one year na tayo, ngayon mo lang nalaman?" ("you only figured that out now after more than a year of knowing me??") Hahaha!

I've received several messages asking when I'm to publish a new video. I still haven't had my camcorder fixed. I can't find the damn warranty. I need the warranty receipt so I could either have my cam fixed or replaced. I'll try to make one next month in time for Gay Pride. Yehey!!!! :-)