16 June 2007

Thinking Of You...

I wish you could stay, but you're so far away...

so far away....
Feeling a little melancholy today.
Anyway, my hair's getting long. Time for a haircut.

07 June 2007

Nocturnal Habit

I'm still hungry eventhough I just finished having my midnight snack a while ago. I workout in the gym at night from 10-12am and afterwards I eat my night snack. I workout in the evening because it helps me fall asleep a lot faster. Helps me fight my insomnia. Working out leaves me hungry though. Hehehe! For my midnight snack, I had 2 porkchops, half a cup of rice, a baked potato with melted cheese, and some "tuyo" which is a filipino dish made up of dried, salted fish. I'm allergic to tuyo but I couldn't resist eating it. I love eating tuyo even if it smells :-) The "tuyo" I had has a spicy sauce. Yummmmy! I also had a pear for my dessert. By the way, tuyo is different from toyo. Toyo in Filipino means soy sauce. Toyo is also a Filipino slang word used to refer to someone who is in a bad mood. Hahaha! I almost forgot, "tuyo" also means dry in Filipino

I'm hungry again! Maybe I'll eat some donuts or some chicken nuggets or that hamburger I bought at Burger Machine late this afternoon. I prefer Burger Machine over McDonald's or Jollibee. Their burgers are a lot tastier and cheaper. I'm not sure if they're cleaner but still...masarap siya! Wendy's burgers are still my overall favorite though :-)

I burned my credit card earlier this week! Nakakainis!! I always end up burning my card when I'm in the mall. LOL! Bigla ko naman kasing binili agad yung shirts. Akala ko sale lahat yung kinuha ko. Naka 4k+ tuloy ako. My gosh! Sisley pa yung brand, sana isang A/X nalang binili ko. Yung type kong white long sleeves na shirt na nasa window display sa A/X sa Glorietta (Talagang sinabi ko yung branch no??? Hahaha!) which was my first choice to begin with. Nakakaasar! Bullshit!! No! It's double bullshit for making a mistake!!!! Grrrrrrrrrr! :-(
Note to self: Rey! Do NOT shop for a month!
Di bale cute naman yung shirt na nabili ko. Yeah right, keep telling yourself that Rey. Oh no! I'm beginning to argue with myself. Hahaha! Haba ng P.S. ko no? ;-)