23 August 2008


I've been getting some emails requesting if I could post another "mischievous" pic of myself. Ok, request granted. I asked Ryan (bf) to take this pic of myself before we went to sleep. We didn't sleep after the shot. LOL! Self-control, babe. Self control! LOL! ;-p This is truly the last time I would post such a photo of myself. I'll be 33 next month which means I'm too old to do this kind of stuff.

On another note, Ryan won't let me go out even on a friendly meeting with a G4M member. I'm not going to do anything naughty....without his permission. Hahaha! Kidding! Kidding! Love ya babe! Mwah! I'm just so bored. All I do is work and then go home. I want to meet new people. See new faces. Click the pic if you wanna enlarge it.

13 August 2008

Infatuation 2008

It's that time of the year again wherein I name the men who have become the object of my affection and obsession. Hahaha! Last year I named five, this year I'll only name three.
3rd spot goes to David Beckham. He's handsome, fashionable, and he's very good with balls. He can handle mine anytime. Hahaha!
Coming on 2nd is Filipino celebrity, Coco Martin. The guy's soooo cute! But he's not just a pretty face, he happens to be a very talented actor as well. Umm...look at that package. Wow! Hehehe!
And in 1st place is no other than the crush of my life...Ricky Martin. I love you Ricky! Why won't you notice me? When are we gonna shake our bon bons together huh? When? Ricky Martin marry me! My bf has allowed me to elope with you. He even packed my bags. Hahaha! Dream on Rey. Dream on....
Click on a photo that you wish to enlarge.

Oh by the way, Digitel DSL Service SUCKS! I'm always encountering problems with their service. Mahigit isang libo binabayad ko a month pero ang bagal bagal ng server nila, lagi pang may problema. Damn Digitel!


This is the result I got when I tested my internet speed and this is on a good day. Usually results are lower, as in +/-30kbps. Slower than a freaking dial-up! So slow that it takes more than 10 mins. to open my Yahoo mail. Sometimes I can't even check my important emails. This is not the speed that I subscribed & pay 1,000+ Pesos a month for. It's so frustrating having to call and complain to them everyday and they won't even give me a timeframe on when it's gonna be fixed. Digitel's DSL Service isn't a "service" at all. It's more of an irritation.

02 August 2008


I'm just here resting on my sofa. Haven't been feeling tops for almost a week. I just feel down. In my eagerness to make new friends, I ended up being with toxic ones...people who are merely there to benefit from me physically, emotionally, whatever, and not thinking of what I might feel. Akala ko 'pag mabuti pakikitungo mo sa ibang tao ganun din gagawin nila sa iyo. Mag tetreinta y tres anyos na ako di pa rin ako natututong mag-ingat. Masyadong madaling magtiwala. Masyadong mabait daw. It's true, nice guys sometimes finish last. Well, I have my family & partner. They are the ones who love & accept me no matter what. I'm fortunate & thankful to have them in my life. Akala ko kaibigan ko siya. I've been thinking of buying new wheels for a long time now. It started when I was driving my car (a sedan) at the nearby town of Marilao on my way to the mall where I buy my groceries, and suddenly there was a hard downpour of rain and before I knew it, flooded streets already. Sedans aren't meant for flooded streets. That's when I realized that I need an SUV. I've been eyeing the Suzuki Jimny. It's a 4x4, it's not that expensive and, it's so cute! I looove cute cars! It's small, which means I can easily park it. I have a hard time parallel parking you know? Hehehe! I also like the Ford Escape. It's a lot bigger though. Bigger cars = more fuel consumption. Well, I have to think about this for a while. Until fuel prices begin to drop or stabilize, I'm stuck with my car and my trusty 10 year-old van for the time being :-)

This van is cute too. Would like to drive it. Umm...but does it mean everything in it comes doggie style? Hahaha! Woof! Woof! :-)