06 December 2008

A Pug's Life

Enzo's growing up very fast. I hope he grows up healthy & strong. I love my li'l pug. Sometimes pets are better than people. All you do is feed them and take care of them and they will love you forever. Click on the photos if you wish to enlarge them :-)

He's very affectionate. Look at that captivating smile. Look at those tantalizing eyes. LOL!

I always look forward to playing with him at the end of the day. Totally relieves my stress. He still needs to learn how to pose in front of the camera. Parang 'di siya tuloy nagmana sa akin. Haha!

He gets a high whenever I rub his chest & tummy :-)

He loves climbing on my lap and jumping off. But there was one time he peed on my lap. That little rascal!!! I forgave him. He's too cute to get mad at.

And here he is showing off his ASSet the way I showed mine in a certain vid. LOL! Hahaha! LOL!
Happy Holidays!!!! Yeah yeah! My tree still needs some work on. My bf will take care of it. Decorating isn't my forte :-)

The Cranberries - You and Me

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robert said...

yeah,you're right.enzo is so cute.but mas cute yung may hawak siyempre.lol.
hi rey,how are you?totoo ka dyan.dogs are better than human sometimes.lalo na pagdating sa loyalty.i have two dogs and they're the apples of my eyes.nakakawala ng pagod when they make salubong.how i wish my partner's like them.lol.
gawa ka naman ng christmas greeting in a revealing pose.lol.baka lang makalusot.wala ba tayong party?i hope one day makapag-organize tayo ng get together party.legit party ha,strict ang parents ko...lol.but not this christmas.i'm leaving on the 13th for the US.dun ako mag-christmas and new year with my family.i'll be back first week of january.take care and God Bless.

Toyo said...

thanks rob. have a safe flight & happy holidays!

robert said...

yeah,happy holidays too.but i'll be visiting your blogspot everyday,even if i'm in chicago.wala naman akong gagawin doon.i seldom go to parties.siguradong pasiklaban lang.take care.

Anonymous said...

enzo is so cute. i think i want a puppy, too. looks like you're all set for christmas. i hope it will be a happy one for you and your family.


a far away friend said...

i've seen the vid and you're both show offs!

i like the captivating smile and those tantalizing eyes...enzo's cute too!

bulakenyo21 said...

hi rey, i tried to send u an email but i dont know if u recieved it.

nice blog and nice post... love it...

keep on blogging and i'll be waiting for your next post.

thanks... i learned from your blog...

happy holiday!

Toyo said...

i haven't gotten any emails from you bulakenyo21, or i've probably haven't opened it yet. i get emails and lots of spam mails flooding my inbox. i'll answer it once i've read it.

thanks for the well wishes. happy holidays to everyone!

a far away friend said...

thanks for your card and warm holiday message. hope your holiday is happy too!

all the very best to you and your family...with love from me to you!

Anonymous said...

i have a pug too..yours is cute! let's mate them...mate na din tayo...just kidding :)