30 July 2009


Father has been discharged from the hospital Wednesday afternoon. He's recovering well. We have to keep a close watch on his diet and activities. He still needs to return to Makati Med. next week so that his doctor could evaluate him on whether he's fit enough to undergo surgery on his right eye. He has a cataract. It was only yesterday that I was able to sleep well. I'm really thankful that Ryan was with me throughout this whole ordeal. I hope our next visit to the doctor won't be so stressful. Baka malosyang ako masyado niyan. My gosh! I pray to God to always watch over my loved ones.
Thanks for the well-wishes by the way. I appreciate it.

27 July 2009


I've been super stressed and exhausted.
Father was rushed to Makati Medical Center in the city after he experienced an eye stroke while he was being prepared by his doctor for his eye surgery last Saturday in a hospital here in Bulacan. My family and I suspect that there's been negligence on the part of the doctor who was attending to him, so I'll not name the doctor for now until we're sure of our suspicions. That doctor has been my mother’s eye doctor for years now and has even performed an eye surgery on my mother in the past so we didn’t think anything would go wrong, but…
I was up at 4:30am Saturday because father’s supposed eye surgery here in Bulacan was scheduled at 6:30 am and we were told to be in the hospital at 5:30am. We rushed my father to Makati Med. around 10am. l was up until 1 or 2:00am Sunday morning taking care of my father. Hardly slept at all. Up to now, my father is still in Makati Med. undergoing further observation. My mother and our personal assistant are the ones watching over him. It's exhausting traveling/driving back and forth from Bulacan to Makati Med. every morning but I have no complaints. I want my father to get well. If I could buy him his health back, I would. He didn't also suffer an eye stroke but a mild stroke as well. He is recovering and is much better now. The right side of his body is weaker. Seeing my father not well saddens me. Hurts me. I'm glad Ryan is with me for some much needed emotional and physical support. I think I've lost 10 pounds in the last 3 days. I probably weigh around +/-120lbs. which I know isn't good for a 5'7" tall guy. I have no complaints. Father is the priority for now. I want him to get well soon so he can continue enjoying his golden years. He'll be 70 this September.
I'll just eat like a pig when this entire ordeal is over to regain my lost pounds. Ryan is a good cook after all. Papatabain daw niya ako ulit :-)

22 July 2009


Hello! Long time no see huh? Been super busy lately. Yay! My hair is slowly returning. Hahaha! I can now use my brush and hairdryer. LOL! Nanay/my mother warned me never to shave my hair or else she'll bitch slap me. Oh no! Kakatakot! ;-)

Ryan already moved in with me in my house here in Bulacan. He sold his condo in Makati. NOOOO!!!! It means I won't have a playground in the city anymore!!! Boohuhu! The cute men are in Makati ya know! Dami pa namang gwapo doon. Kainis! Dito sa Bulacan, parang wala yata. If any cute Bulakenyos want to protest against my statement, feel free to rally in front of my house. I'll welcome you with open arms, complimentary drinks (like umm..Zesto. Haha!), and umm...a kiss! LOL! ;-)

I converted what used to be my bedroom's office area into Ryan's own bedroom. I know, that old TV has got to go. Yup, Ryan and I don't sleep in the same room. Before he moved in with me I told him; "Babe, I love you but we're not going to be sleeping on the same bed." Why did I tell him that? It's because he's a very (as in) very loud snorer, AND he turns/moves a lot while sleeping. Kakainis! Kakapuyat ha! He'll ruin my beauty sleep. LOL! The only time we share a bed together is when we watch a DVD or TV show and umm...you know. Haha!

My side of the master bedroom. I like darker, cozy colors. I also don't want too many things inside my bedroom.
Ryan's side of the master bedroom. He likes lighter colors which is why he's decided to take this room instead of the guestroom. He plans to redecorate our rooms once he's already fully settled in. I'm not very good in decorating and stuff, so I gladly let him handle that task.

This is all for now. Have a wonderful day :-)

09 July 2009


Before I begin my rant. I just want to tell everyone that I was informed that someone has been using my photos again on the website Friendster. The guy is a poser! I am flattered that he identified himself as 27 years old though. Hehehe! Nevertheless, a poser is a poser! Here's the weblink of the guy who is pretending to be me. Be careful.

Ok, back to my rant. Let me just stress for the last time, that Globe Wireless Broadband Internet sucks!!! Specially, here in Bulacan. I can't wait to have my subscription with that wretched ISP terminated. For weeks, I have been complaining/reporting to their customer service hotlines on how slow my net connection has been, sometimes there's no connection at all. All I get is their usual reply of; "We're very sorry sir for the inconvenience, we are doing maintenance work on our systems. Our system will be back to normal within 24-48 hours." But their system never did go back to normal. My internet speed is still at a snail's pace. Cum dripping from my pole is a lot faster. Wanna bet? LOL! Napunta na naman sa sextalk. Haha! Imagine waiting 15+ minutes for your Yahoo mail to open. That's how slow it is. Oftentimes, it won't open at all, leaving just a blank page. How am I supposed to access my important emails, some of which are business-related? How am I supposed to flirt online? LOL! Baka magtampo na ang aapat kong online fans. Lalo na yung ka C2C ko. 'Wawa naman siya. C2C???!!! Haha! NASL? LOL!. Hoy! 'di na ako nakikipag C2C ha. Kayo talaga. Matagal na akong graduated doon. I prefer the real deal. Nakakabitin kasi pag biglang nadisconnect while doing the naughty deed online. Talaga naman ah. Haha! ;-)

I feel like I'm just wasting my hard-earned money paying for their crappy service. Money doesn't grow on trees. Sana tinreat ko na lang sarili ko to a fancy spa or bought some nice shirts instead of paying for their useless service. Why oh why is the Philippines plagued with ISPs (Internet Service Providers) that give crappy and poor quality service to their subscribers?

02 July 2009


Ryan's lost some weight, thank goodness. I told him that he should really try to get back in-shape. He has scoliosis, and the added weight on his belly might further worsen his back's condition. I also get annoyed whenever we bumped into some of his friends whom he has not seen in quite some time and his friends wouldn't recognize him bec. he has gained weight. I told him that it bothers me. Lalo na pag narinig ko sinasabi sa kanya na "tumaba ka." Hirap naman idefend kasi totoo naman. Tumatahimik na lang ako pero sa loob ko naaasar ako sa situwasyon. No more Krispy Kremes for you Babe. You're going on a special diet. A diet of water. LOL! Nirekomend ko yung SM Bonus na mineral water pero ayaw niya! Snobbish??!! Gusto daw niya Evian. Sosyalera! :-p

I'm trying my best to stay in-shape, I told him that he should try to take care of his body too. He's a little stubborn. He and I aren't getting any younger. I want the both of us to grow old healthy, and age gracefully. I don't want him to be too thin though. I want him to be stocky/muscular again just like the first time I met him. Stocky/muscular = my fetish. Mighty meaty! Yumyum. Haha! Kaya nga bumigay agad ang lolo niyo sa kanya nung first meeting namin kasi fetish ko katawan niya no. Hehehe! Ayaw nga lang pabottom. Swapang. Hahaha! Hanap na lang ako ng proxy. LOL! Don't worry Babe, you'll always be my big boned baby ;-)