27 September 2009


I and my family are but some of the thousands of people affected by typhoon Ondoy. When I went out to check my parents and sisters inside our compound, the water was waist-deep. The homes of my sisters got flooded. My parents and I were spared because before our homes were built, the ground underneath them were elevated in preparation of situations such as flooding. My town is located in-between two rivers; Bocaue and Balagtas. The walls of our family compound saved us and prevented more water from coming in. I was scared. Our warehouses, machineries and our inventories that were to be sold have been flooded but I'm still thankful that we have survived this ordeal unharmed. Life is what matters most. I pray that the coming week will bring better days for all of us here in the Philippines, especially to those who were severely affected by the typhoon.

If you wish to help the victims of the typhoon, you can visit the website of the Philippine National Red Cross. The link is http://www.redcross.org.ph/


terry said...

I'm relieved you and your loved ones are safe Rey. I watched the storms that wreaked havoc across the Philippines on the evening news and thought of you and your family. It was also sad to see so many people lose all they had to the floods.

Stay safe my far away friend.

Toyo said...

thank you terry.

Jeric13 said...

The storm has passed. Hope and Pray that the sun will shine bright and no gloomy day or dark clouds to see for at least a long time.

Treasure people who are with you at the moment. Be safe, you and your loved ones.