20 November 2009

9 to 5

My new office is finally finished and ready to be occupied.
I'd like to thank Ryan for helping me in designing and decorating it on a very tight budget. Major thanks to my father too who happens to be my boss. Hehehe :-)
It's nice to have an office of my own although I still spend most of my working time in our main office, which at present is undergoing renovation. The family biz deals with printing and manufacturing.

All I need now is a handsome sexytary. Oops! Secretary I mean. Hahaha!

13 November 2009


Met this guy three years ago. I miss him.
I wonder where he is now and when he will return.
I miss his cheekbones. His biceps.
I miss hugging the stocky-muscular frame.

I'm, beginning to lose hope. Why does he have to be so stubborn? Why doesn't he quit smoking? Why doesn't he quit loving Krispy Kremes? Why doesn't he accompany me while working out in the gym? May gym na nga ako sa bahay. Isang tumbling lang ang layo ng gym ko sa mga kwarto dito sa bahay ko tinatamad pa rin ang lolo niyo. Boohuhu! Gusto ko ganito katawan niya ulit. Grrr!!!! Why do you have to be so stubborn babe?! Darn it! Sabunutan kita eh. ;-p Fortunately for him, he has this trick he does with his mouth whenever he "plays" with my "tool" that drives me insane in bed. Sex is power. Haha! Napapamura ako. Galing eh. LOL!

02 November 2009

This and That...

Rise and shine! This is what I look like after waking up. See? You wouldn't like me in the morning. LOL!
Oh what to talk about? Umm...yesterday was All Soul's Day here in the Philippines. It's a major holiday in which Filipinos commemorate loved ones who had already passed away.
Spent the afternoon in Krus sa Wawa cemetery, lit a candle, and prayed for my family members who had already moved on to a much better place. Before I went home I got a text message from a Planetromeo/G4M member asking if I could meet up with him since he's also visiting his relatives in Krus sa Wawa. We met at the chapel. It was a very short meeting. Five minutes of chit chats and then we parted ways. I was in a hurry. I rarely find time to meet people that I'm corresponding with online so I'm glad that the guy didn't turn out to be a jerk or a joke. He seems nice.

There are several men I've been corresponding with that I've been meaning to meet. Problem is, some of them have this impression that I'm a player or something. I am not. It's my fault. It's probably because I've posted naughty photos & videos of myself in the past, and that I talk about sex here in my blog. I very rarely play around with other men. I am wary of playing around because gay men have a tendecy to kiss-and-tell. I don't want to have a bad reputation, like I'm some guy you can easily get into bed with or someone who plays with other people's hearts & emotions. Sometimes I regret being too open here in my blog. Maybe I should delete my blog and be discreet again.