20 December 2009

Season's Greetings!

Season's greetings everyone :-)
May all of us have a wonderful and meaningful holiday season.
It's been a tough year for a lot of people here in the Philippines, but it's going to take more than typhoons to crush the spirit of the Filipinos. Tuloy pa rin ang Pasko. Everybody's still excited for Christmas, and looking forward to a much better year ahead.
Now, back to "more important" matters. LOL! I just want to say to a certain "someone" that all this Santa's little helper wants for Christmas is a cute petpet boylet love slave! Yehey! LOL! Someone discreet, and will obey all of my orders! Hahaha! Ang taas taas naman kasi ng standards niya eh. Wala tuloy pumapasa. Arte! Maski hipon pwede na rin, pagsusuotin ko na lang ng maskara. Haha! ;-) Please allow me babe! I've been a very good boy this year. Really...I am a good boy. Believe me. Maniwala naman kayo. Believe in me as I believe in you. Naks! LOL! ;-p

14 December 2009


The end of yet another long day. I need a cold shower. Done with the Christmas shopping. Looking forward to a nice long holiday next week. Looking forward for some fun along the way too. Checked my G4M/PRomeo account and an interesting message caught my eye. It's from a funbud I had 3 years ago which I am going to hide under the name, Miguel. I was healing a broken heart back in the early part of 2006. I became very active in G4M in order to forget my ex, move on and to just mainly have fun for a change. Dated and played with more than a dozen men in a span of a month. That's how much I wanted to forget.

Miguel, a handsome, tall, athletic, and little older than me "chinoy" (Chinese/Filipino) was the most frequent guy I had fun with, but after several "meetings", he said that wanted us to be more than mere friends-with-benefits. He wanted to start a relationship with me. I asked him if he was really single, because I had a gut feeling that he might not be. There were telltale signs. Signs like he didn't want to give me his home phone number, he's very cautious whenever we met, and we never did our thing in his place though he said that he lives alone. It's always in a hotel. Naging suki na kami ng Shangri that time. He then admitted that he's already in a relationship with someone else, which for me is the deal breaker. I just can't. I don't want to be the "other man" in a relationship. The "other man" always ends up in tears. He said that he could make it work. In my mind I wanted to tell him; "Are you insane?! I've just recently ended a relationship." I just smiled instead, gave him a kiss, left the hotel and drove home... Miguel wants to meet this weekend. He said that he's single and is curious if he and I could give it another try. I politely explained that I'm already in a relationship. However if he's still persistent, maybe he could be my "other guy." What a reversal huh? Kidding. I'm afraid of karma. I'm still thinking whether to meet him or not... I really need a cold shower... Men...

08 December 2009

Toyo Was A Catholic Schoolboy??!! Part 2

Someone asked me to post another high school photo of myself. I don't know why? Strange request. Still granted though. I don't have a lot of high school pics. Cameras were boring back then and we used film. It's a hassle to bring one. Anyway, here's my class photo.
Yup! I was once a Catholic schoolboy. LOL! I'm imagining what my other batchmates would think or say if they discovered my blog. Oh no! Haha! It doesn't matter. I don't plan to attend any more reunions in the future. I'll be old by then. ;-p

Look at that hair. LOL! I wonder how many cans of hair spray I had consumed during those years. Ilang Aquanet at tancho gel kaya naubus ko? Aquanet?! Tancho Gel?! LOL! Hay naku! Pag nabasa ito ng mga madre, baka tanggalin ako sa mga alumni ng school nila, pero tuloy pa rin ang buhay ko. Blah! Haha!

02 December 2009

Hi! :-)

Just wanted to say "Hi!" :-) Took this photo while in the locker room of a local gym that I checked out earlier. The gym was ok, but I've realized that I've been working out for years alone here in my home gym that I'm not used to working out with other people around me anymore. I get conscious of other people staring at me.

Yeah, the iPhone's camera isn't that great. So does its battery life. I should have brought my other phone instead. It's a fashionable phone but there are other phones that are much better. What else am I gonna talk about? There's this kid flirting with me that I find cute. He's only 24 though. Should I? Gawin kong petpet boylet... Hmmm.... Kidding! ;-)