09 February 2010


Yours truly is issuing a challenge to a certain someone, that if the aforementioned individual completely stops smoking, loses his gut, and becomes fit & muscular once again then I will..........propose to him and marry him in an island beach resort of his choice.
The guy has 6 months to accomplish the task. You know who you are.
By the way, no lipo nor any medical procedures, and diet pills aren't allowed. Hehe!
I am not the marrying kind so we'll see who wins this dare 6 months from now. If he loses then as Tyra Banks would say in ANTM, "Time for you to immediately pack your belongings and leave the mansion." Better shape up or get shipped out! LOL! I have to get serious working out too, my bod isn't as fit as it used to be ;-)

05 February 2010


Just a Recap of some of my YouTube videos.
I'm itching to make a new one.

03 February 2010


This guy's in love with you pare. LOL!
I've been a member of a gay social networking site (Guys4Men now named as Gayromeo) since late 2005. I've noticed that whenever I replace my main profile pic to a "wholesome" one like the one below, few members of the site bothered contacting or checking my profile instead of when I have a shirtless photo as my main profile pic. Sex really sells huh? ;-)
Speaking of profiles, there seems to be a lot of them in that social networking site that are either tacky or just plain idiotic. Idiotic in the way that they publish their statements and tacky in the way that they present their photos. I.E. Most are profile shots. You know? A photo wherein it's only one side of the face of the subject that's being shown, Filipinos in particular are prone to doing this, posting profile shots. Nakaside view lagi. Can't they look directly in front of the camera? What are they trying to hide?
Some are naked photos with the subject smiling at the camera. If you want your photo to be seductive and be taken seriously then you shouldn't smile while holding your dick in your pictures. LOL! There are also male pageant photos with matching sash, crown and scepter and trophy and ummm....what else umm...gift certificates. Hehe! It'll be impressive if it's a major or national male pageant or a fitness competition, but if it's just a local pageant set in a cheap, forsaken strip club, then it's nothing to brag about. There are photos that weren't even cropped before they were uploaded, and some photos are so small you'll need a magnifying glass to view them.
Then there are the narratives and profile statements, my gosh! Have any of you read some of them? Statements like; "I'm not here for sex." Yet they have shirtless pics that leave little to the imagination. Either the guy has no dinero to buy clothes or he's just a douchebag trying to show off his body. I think it's the latter. Hypocrisy. "No chubs! No effems! No oldies! No uglies! Blah! Blah! Blah!" Who the hell do they think they are, a casting director? Heaven's gift to gaydom? So conceited. Such arrogance. Then there's the "I love him I have found my one true love. Yadi yadi yada!" statements. If he has found his one true love then why the hell is he still in that site. Nobody cares about that in a social/matchmaking site. What does he want to do, make single people envy him and feel sorry for themselves for not having a partner? "No facepic! No reply!" and yet they do not have any face pics of themselves in their profiles. Geesh! It's so ridiculous. Nakakabobo no? But the most annoying members I often encounter, are the ones who ask me questions that could've already been answered if only they had bothered reading my profile. Questions like the freaking "NASL?" NASL stands for Name or Nationality, Age, Sex or Status, Location. Do they really have to ask what my sex is? I have shirtless photos with my bulge showing, aren't those enough proof? Are they in doubt that it might not be my balls and cock bulging inside my undies but a giant clit instead? Hahaha! Why is the quality of members in G4M deteriorating when it comes to character and personality, Pinoy members in particular? Now I'm beginning to realize why members from other countries do not wish to associate with Filipinos in cyberspace.
I used to love G4M. I especially used to enjoy browsing the forums.
Oh the hassles of the online world. Anyway this is just my opinion. To each their own. Kanya kanyang diskarte sa internet. The important thing is to be yourself. Pretending to be someone you're not isn't going to serve you well once you and the person you're corresponding with finally decided to meet in real life.


By the way...if you're gonna upload a photo & you're aiming for a "manly" look, be mindful of the things in your background. I've seen photos wherein the subject was so serious in trying to look butch but I was taken aback because of the beanie babies and stuffed toys in his pics' background, or bec. of the floral patterns of his bed sheets, pillow cases and umm..blanket. Hehe! Be careful shooting photos in hotel rooms too, if not executed properly others might think you're a moneyboy. LOL!