22 July 2010


And the diagnosis is......Toyo's currently suffering from "repression!"
That's right! I'm repressed...from playing around!
Ryan's job is now home-based! That cat is always around. The mouse can't play. The cat doesn't wanna play too bec. he's always tired from work. Huhuhu! Mouse gotta play at least 4-5 days a week ya know? ;-p
I told Ryan that he and I are already in our mid 30's. We only have a small window of opportunity left to enjoy the young ones. LOL! Once we turn 40, it's all downhill. Most gay men say that 40 is 50 in gay years, and the gay scene always puts a premium on youth, which is a sad fact. Oh no! Lagi daw siya pagod because of work, ayaw naman niya ako payagan makipaglaro sa iba. Ano ba yan?! Swapang. Sakim! LOL! Share mo naman ako sa iba Babe. Kailangan ko na magpa change oil. Haha! Share me babe, I have plenty of love for everyone. Dati naman pinapayagan ako, nagmemenopause siguro kaya masungit lagi. Hehehe! I call upon my loyal blog readers....all four of them (Haha!) to stop Ryan from repressing and oppressing me. LOL!

12 July 2010


Recently went to Singapore. We weren't able to celebrate our anniversary last April. It's our very much delayed 4th year anniversary gift to ourselves :-)

Welcome to SG!

Outside the resort...

in the tram... natatawa ako kasi dami mabaho kilikili. LOL!

universal studios...