06 October 2010

Now and Then

I wonder if time has been kind to me.
 Have been quite stressed lately, making me feel old. Feeling ko losyang na ako. LOL!
I feel like retiring from "the scene." After all, I am 35.
Pero yung mga interesadong umeksena sa buhay ko eh sila na lang maghanap sa kin. Hehe! :-)
I think there's gonna be another high school reunion but I don't feel like attending it.
Besides, I'm avoiding a certain umm...batchmate/summer fling ;-)
It will be too awkward if I bumped into him.
Baka ibang bumping kasunod na mangyari na naman. Hehe! The bumping might turn into a grinding and a whole lot of pumping. LOL!

Circa  2010

Circa 2007
Taken with my old phone's camera.

Chicago - Will You Still Love Me

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