24 November 2010


Currently recovering from a stomach flu. My fever is gone but my tummy still acts up
from time to time. This is such a nasty experience. It's frustrating having to go to the bathroom every few hours. I hate every moment of it. Ang sakit na ng pwet ko, pati bayag ko lumaylay na. Hahaha! Dios mio!
Why is God teasing me again? LOL! I'll just have to laugh it off or else I'll only get more frustrated.
Three days of stomach flu can get a toll on one's body. My body has shrunk. All of my efforts to get my bod beach worthy by December, wasted! Hay buhayyyy... I'm very careful with what I eat, I don't know why & how I got this.
Yung mga makakadate ko sana this month, cancelled ko na. Kawawa naman ang mga boys. Baka magtampo na sa kin ;-)
Well, guess I have to eat a lot and workout...a lot once I'm fully recovered.
Stupid life's trials.
I'll just think of my new crush, I'll feel much better :-)

Claire Marlowe - Till They Take My Heart Away

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06 November 2010

Apples of the Eye

Ryan's back to his old vice/smoking so that means I'm going back to my old vice too....cute bois. LOL!
Decisions! Decisions! Been getting "friendly" (fine! been flirting! lol)  with two guys lately. Both are cute. Both are either residing within or next to my town. Both are from good backgrounds. Hindi mga mukhang ikakahiya sa mga friends i.e. 'di pipitsugin. LOL!
Problem is, I can only choose one.

Guy # 1 is a nurse. Ewan ko ba, malapit sa akin mga nurse. I have dated nurses in the past. They always score big points when it comes to hygiene and they score further more when it comes to performance. They know how to pleasure their man. Human biology and anatomy are their fortes in the first place PLUS I love seeing them in their uniform...and then taking it off. Hehehe! Kinky huh? Wag lang nila akong iinjectionan ok? Bawal! Hindi ako nagpapainjection. Masakit. Once lang ako nagpainjection out of curiosity (by Ryan). Ayoko na. Sakit ng pwet ko for 3 days. I'm a giver not a receiver. My backdoor is for exits only. LOL! ;-)
Guy #2 is a professor. Based on my experience dating educators, they know their way inside the classroom but only know a few tricks playing in the sack. LOL! Guy # 2 is SUPER cute though.
Ryan usually only gives me permission to play with 1 guy, after that it'll take a month or more before he allows me again. Will I be the naughty patient or the teacher's pet? Ooohhh the hassles of flirting & kaalembongan. Hahaha!!!
Anyway, I've still yet to get the go signal from my loving partner/commander/gwardiya sibil/Ryan. LOL! Kelan kaya niya ako bibigyan ng "release forms?" Haha! :-)