01 March 2011

Ballads 1970-1979

I've received a number of emails requesting me to do another countdown, particularly regarding 70s music. The decade has some great music by the way, but the fashion is ummm... Hehe! Enjoy listening :-)


Anonymous said...

Wow, great songs. I was born in the 80's so I haven't heard most of these songs before. My parents still have some of these vinyl records at home. I thought The Greatest Love of All was a W. Houston song. I didn't know George Benson recorded it first. Thanks for the compilation.

Toyo said...

You're welcome.
Hang on to those vinyl records. Some of them are probably considered collector's items by now :-)

Anonymous said...

I LOVE Carrie's love song •_•

terry said...

i'd add just one more. elton john-your song...i hope you don't mind.

Toyo said...

thanks for the comments.
yeah, i also love the carrie song.
very sad movie though.

elton john had a lot of hits during the 70s.
his 2002 version of "your song" with alessandro safina is a lot better though :-)