04 May 2011


Yes, stomach still needs some work. No, I'm not aiming to have 6-pack abs. I just want to tone my bod again. Whenever I watch my YouTube videos particularly the oldest ones, I feel ashamed of myself for letting my tummy inflate. LOL! Medyo lumobo eh.
I think my biggest mistake wasn't really the food I was having (food was only the small part of the equation) but my motivation for working out. These last few months, my motivation wasn't to maintain my physical fitness, I've stupidly placed unnecessary pressure on myself because I wanted to look good for other people, people who aren't even important in my life. As a result, working out felt like a chore, I didn't enjoy it, and I became lazy doing it. Mid-life crisis I guess.
I started going to the gym when I was in my late 20s. Back then, my main and only goal was to be fit so that I'll be less sickly. I wasn't concerned about other's opinions whether they liked my body or not which is probably why I enjoyed working out and why I've gotten good results out of my workouts.

Anyway, I've already come to terms with myself. I've accepted the fact that with age comes physical changes that I have to adapt to. My metablolism isn't as high as it used to be so I have to balance what I eat. I'm a lot happier and relaxed now when I workout. I'm not conscious about the opinions of others anymore, especially with the way I look. I already have partner who loves and accepts me and gets horny whenever I take my clothes off. LOL! Hahaha!  
I've had my share of "the scene", time to let the younger ones have a piece of it. 
Maybe I can mentor them. LOL! :-) 
It's so hot! Summer is in full swing. I'm glad I live here in the province, far away from the
scorching heat of the city.
It's sooo hot! It's probably too hot to even have sex. LOL! Sex talk na naman? Haha!
Oh no! I can't believe I've just said that. Please allow me to correct my previous statement. 
It's never too hot to have sex, especially if it's with a hottie hot stud! Haha!
Have a wonderful and hopefully less sweaty summer day, unless...you're having sex. LOL! :-)


Anonymous said...

Hot, sweaty sex is good, especially if you are near water:)Have a great summer, it is usually too short for me.

Nimmy said...

Kakatawa mga hirit mo. LMAO. Swerte mo kuya. Ang init dito sa Manila!

ram said...


Anonymous said...

yummy ka pa rin...so lickable.

Toyo said...

thanks for all the comments :-)

~Carrie~ said...

may link ka dun sa mga "videos" mo? Chot.

Seriously, I wanna see them. Hehehehe

Anonymous said...

let's workout together toyo boy!

someone far away said...

you've always looked good and i think you always will.

Toyo said...

thanks for the comments :-)