22 August 2011


Ryan gave a me a copy of the pilot episode (which he downloaded) of what could've been the 2011 TV series of Wonder Woman.
I have to admit that the script/plot was very weak. No wonder (pun intented LOL!) that it was never picked up by the networks in the US. Diana doesn't even spin if she wants to transform into Wonder Woman and her Invisible Jet isn't invisible at all. It's not even a jet. Grrr!!
I usually do not make fan videos but since I am a fan of Wonder Woman (especially the theme song), I made a little tribute for the series that could have been.

By the way, I just want to say that the lead actress is quite pretty, and wonderfully tall even if she's not wearing heels.
I wish I was tall. I wish I was at least 5'11" or 5'10"
I'm only 5'7" Huhuhu! :-( I'm vertically challenged. LOL!
Anyway, as the saying goes, "what some men lack in height, they make up in other umm...areas" Hehehe!
Enjoy the clip :-)


greg said...

you're not vertically challenged, YOU'RE PERFECT!!!


Anonymous said...

linda carter's wonder woman' still the best.these days,they try to re-invent old tv series but never succeed.
OMG...your being 5'7" is already a plus factor.just right for filipino height.but my concern is your "umm...area."patingin naman kami...wag ka madamot.lol.serious ako.mwahhh...i love you rey.asahan namin ha.mwahh uli.

Toyo said...

thanks for all the comments. mwah! :-)

Anonymous said...

5'7" is not too bad. I'm 6'2" and sometimes it is too hard to fit into anything in Pinas.

Toyo said...

I wanna be at least 5'10"
5'7" isn't a height of a "leading man"...unless you're Tom Cruise. LOL!

Anonymous said...

i've seen those other areas and you're so right...the absolute size of it! you must have been at the front of the queue mate when they were handing them out.

Toyo said...