26 October 2011


Major reason why I'm having a difficult time toning my
tummy back in-shape. Hehehe!

My partner is passionate about cooking and he's a good cook.
These are some of his dishes.

Upper left : Stir-fried veggies in sesame oil and oyster sauce with chicharon, chinese chorizo, quail eggs, and squid balls.
Upper right: Pan seared broiled top round steak complimented with garlic and basil gravy. I  requested the extra serving of rice. A mashed potato is just a snack for me. Hehehe!
Bakit ba?! I'm a growing boy with growing needs and I need lots of nourishment. LOL!
Lower left: Crispy pork belly. This is always a hit whenever we have someone over for dinner. The skin is so crunchy.
Lower right: Stuffed chicken wrapped in bacon. Yum! Yum!
OK! OK! So we love food, but I just want to remind everyone that in everything we do, we should do it in moderation for anything done in excess is never a good thing.
Eat well. Exercise well too.

22 October 2011


Everybody knows it's a medical fact that watching animated shows
 keeps one looking fresh and young. LOL!
Well, that's just my silly excuse for my fondness for anime/Japanese animation :-)
If cosplaying became popular here in the country during my younger years, I would
have easily joined, darnt it. Hehe!

I usually watch animes during the afternoon if there's nothing much to do in office, or while working out in the gym.
Sometimes my "nanay" (mother) would drop by the office and reprimand me telling me "What are you watching? My goodness!" LOL!
 "Anak ano ba yang pinapanood mo, ang pangit! Anlalaki pa ng mga mata" Hahaha!
Even Ryan teases me whenever he sees me watching. I just tell him "Babe, don't mess with my anime and I won't mess with your chick flick, mushy, drama dvds."
Sometimes I catch him sobbing while he's watching dramatic movies. LOL!
Basta walang pakialamanan ng palabas. Hehe!
Yup, I'm an animéniac.
Keeps me young...at heart ;-)

04 October 2011


♫ laughing myself to sleep...
...waking up lonely
Just testing my phone's forward facing camera.
Contemplating on the fact that I'm...getting old and I'm...still shirtless ;-)

Someone disappointed me recently. He befriended me but it seems that he had ulterior motives.
If he wanted us to become friends with benefits then he should have made it clear in the first place, and he shouldn't have built a friendship anymore because once I consider someone a real friend, all sexual attraction goes out the door.
Bahala siya sa buhay niya. Hehehe!
Anyway, there are other men out there that I am genuinely friends with
and there are other men out there that I am friends with benefits with too. Hehe! In fact, I'm going to text one of them "beneficial" hotties now. LOL!
Kidding! Have to ask permission from my partner/Commander Ryan first or else his wicked witch Elphaba Thropp side might suddenly appear. Oh no! ;-)
Pag di kasi ako nagpaalam baka magalit at magtransform siya into a Bella Flores, Celia Rodriguez hybrid, with a dash of Cherie Gil. Haha! 
Sometimes I tease Ryan telling him that I dreamt that he was gorgeous woman.
He replied; "Of course I'll be gorgeous if I was a woman although I DO NOT want to be a woman."
I then added; "Babe, in my dream you had a sexy body with some nice buns and big boobs BUT you retained your masculine voice and you had a dick and a horizontal vagina and we made lots of baby hybrids."
 He ended up screaming "Sweetie, you're disgusting! Dugyot ka talaga!" Hahaha!
I enjoy teasing him. It's one of my hobbies. Pikon. LOL! ;-)

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