21 April 2012


Ooohhhh!!!! ANG INIT! Summer is in full swing.
It's so hot! I wish I can wear my birthday suit at home, at work, wherever.
The heat will be much tolerable that way. Hahaha!
Actually, I'm wearing my birthday suit as I'm typing this down. LOL!
Still, I prefer summer over the season that follows it which is The Monsoon.
Rainy/monsoon season brings with it those ghastly floods and typhoons.

So, what are we gonna talk about now? 
Checked my email a few days ago and I've gotten some
interesting questions from a few of my blog readers.
Sorry if it took me this long to reply. Anyway, on to the questions.

Question #1 is from someone named islandgirl69. I wonder if she's really a "girl" hehe! Kidding! I love the number "69" though. LOL!
The question is; "Should a transgender like Jenna Talackova be allowed to join Ms. Universe, what is your view?"

Answer; First of all islandgirl69, why the hell are you asking me about pageants? LOL! I think pageants are ridiculous. I do watch those pageants sometimes. They are entertaining, but they are so petty. I mean just the phrase itself; "beauty pageant" is so petty. Models do not even want to be compared to beauty queens. Beauty is relative and cannot be simply determined by a small group of judges and so-called "beauty experts."
Well, to answer your question, the fact that Jenna had her dick and balls removed and had breasts attached is enough proof of how dedicated she is in joining the contest. So yes, she and other trangenders should be allowed to join ;-) That Jenna gal looks gorgeous by the way.
It's only a pageant. It's something that is not socially relevant, and it's not going to cause the collapse of human civilization if they're allowed to participate in it. 
It's just pure entertainment.
Let them join. It's 2012 already. This isn't the 50s. Society should be more open-minded.
The female queens who are against the transgender queens are merely insecure.
Women in general are insecure. That is why they do not rule the world.
The way women constantly fish for compliments and approval when it comes to how they look, their make-up, their new haircut, their new outfit, their figure, whatever, show how they are lacking in confidence.

Getting back at the initial question, there are other serious issues involving the GLBT community that should be given more attention like; legalizing gay marriage, sponsoring laws that protect the GLBT community in the workplace, and laws concerning homophobia and hate crimes.
Pageants should be our least social concern.

Question #2 is from 8tails_jinchiruki. I guess he's a fan of Naruto huh?
The question is; "You've openly talked about your sexual encounters, did you have any bad sexual experience you're willing to share? Kung pwede lang."

Answer; Pwedeng pwede. Ikaw, pwede ka ba? Text text tayo ha. Hahaha! The worst sexual experience I had was with a certain doctor many years ago. He practices his profession in a well-known hospital in the city. Not gonna mention any name nor the hospital for I do not kiss-and-tell.
We did it in his clinic. Kinky huh?
 He was a good kisser. He's a good sucker too. I mean, I almost prematurely cummed inside his mouth. Everything went wrong the moment I pulled down his undies. When it was my turn to blow him, I just couldn't do it. Why? His manly areas smell of sweat. Like umm... cheap vinegar. Gosh! Ang asim! Ayoko nga ilapit face ko kasi I get a whiff of the kaasiman. Huhuhu! LOL!
Doctor ka pa naman. Sa isip-isip ko. Buti pa mga nurses na nakamoment ko, mababango sila lahat ;-P
I just told the guy that my throat was sore & itchy and that I couldn't do it. Dinaan ko na lang sa paglalambing with a dash of bola bola. Hehe!
Fortunately, he was so horny that he just asked me to fuck him and requested that I talk to him very dirty, pull his hair and slap his ass real hard while drilling it. He wanted me to cum inside of him too, which I did. I didn't suck his cock so the least I could do was to fuck his tight ass well.
Yes, I used a condom. I do not like to use a condom but I have to, we all have to. We don't want to get sick right? He actually didn't want me to wear a condom bec. he wanted me to "creampie" him. Goodness! I was tempted, but I still decided to wear rubber.
That doctor's so kinky and weird. I never hooked-up with him again.
 Ugh! That smell. Wanted to spray Lysol on it. LOL!
It was a mercy fuck.
Well, I did enjoy how tight his ass was. 
Maybe I should give him a call and another chance :-)
Kaya lang tamad na ako magdrive papunta sa city. Buwisit na traffic. Salot na mga bus!

My post is getting super loooooong. I'll answer other questions the next time I blog.
Oh by the way, I do not have a Facebook account anymore.
I deactivated it more than a week ago. It's just not for me.
There was someone who stole my photos and pretended that he was my boyfriend.
There was also someone who pretended that he was me.
There was someone trolling me too.
So, I'm over and done with the social networking thing.
I can live without Facebook. I LOOVE how some people react whenever they find out
that I don't do Facebook bec. they react as if I've committed something socially unacceptable. Hilarious!!!
Have a wonderful day :-)

videokeman mp3
We Are Young - Fun ft. Janelle Monae

11 April 2012

Tongue Twisted

An old webcam vid that I was not able to upload in the past. It's actually a part
of my video blog enititled "Rants."
Decided to post this in my YouTube channel before I delete it from my
computer's hard drive.

Yes, I am bad at tongue twisters. Hehehe!
Yes, that's the way my voice sounds...forever boyishly boyish. LOL!
It's a blessing and a curse? ;-P
Some do not have any issues with it, while some people totally hate it.
I often get messages from people criticizing my voice.
Either way, I do not really care. At least I know who the shallow ones are.
Have a wonderful day :-)