11 April 2012

Tongue Twisted

An old webcam vid that I was not able to upload in the past. It's actually a part
of my video blog enititled "Rants."
Decided to post this in my YouTube channel before I delete it from my
computer's hard drive.

Yes, I am bad at tongue twisters. Hehehe!
Yes, that's the way my voice sounds...forever boyishly boyish. LOL!
It's a blessing and a curse? ;-P
Some do not have any issues with it, while some people totally hate it.
I often get messages from people criticizing my voice.
Either way, I do not really care. At least I know who the shallow ones are.
Have a wonderful day :-)



Anonymous said...

cute and funny, but once you took off that shirt, wowowee!

gino said...

adorable ^_^

Toyo said...

Thank you :-)

ram said...

next time pati short...hehehe!

Toyo said...

Salbahe! LOL!

a mate said...

that's good - but can you say ...

peter piper picked a peck of pickled peppers.

Toyo said...

i certainly......cannot! hehehe :-)

Anonymous said...

such a cute and intriguing guy. would love to meet you

Toyo said...

Thank you but I think I'm too old to be called ummm..."cute"
Hehehe ;-)