13 December 2013

Minor Problem

What will you do if a minor flirted and continuously nagged you into meeting him?
How do you turn down his advances without hurting his frail feelings?

The twink contacted me through a mobile "social" app.
Here's a translation.

Toyo : But you're a minor.
Twink : Can I see your face?
Twink : Hey! Please send me a facepic :)
Twink : Nobody will know anyway.
Twink : Hey!
Twink : Let's meet already please, nobody will know anyway.

The young man is only 16 years old.
I do not show my face pic on my profile in that app site which explains why he was requesting for it. The only time I disclose an image of my face is if I'm about to set meeting. I very rarely meet though.

The twink is really adorably cute, BUT I do not want to get into trouble so he's off limits.
Wala akong balak maging Freddie Aguilar junior, o ma DSWD. Hehe! 
I told him that when he's already 18, daddy Toyo will be more than willing to pop and drill his cherry.  LOL!
I was thinking of blocking him in the app site but that would've been too harsh of me to do. I know guys his age tend to be very emotional when their feelings are denied so I instead ceased from replying.
A silent treatment will be a diplomatic way of stating that I cannot reciprocate his interest, urges, and so forth...until he becomes of legal age ;-)
 Drop me a line 2 years from now twinkie and I might reconsider
No-strings-attached of course.

24 November 2013

Sentimental Sunday...Tease

Back in the days when I was still a 130 lbs. skinhead.
I miss my size 29 waistline.
Though I'm not that much of a tease anymore, age has "mellowed" me down I guess.
This is my favorite of all of my videos in YouTube, since I am an insomniac.
I made a mistake of recording parts of the vid a week apart.
Notice how my hair in some scenes is thicker?
I was too lazy to re-shoot it.
My bathroom still has its sliding glass doors in the ummm...shower scene ;-)

Now fast-forward to 5 years later, if I remade this video, there'll probably be no side-view shots. My stomach isn't flat anymore as you can see from my photo.
A tummy comes with aging.... Yeah! That's what I keep telling/lying to myself. LOL!
I wish I could turn back time.

I used to workout regularly because I wanted to look good whenever I go out. Whenever I'm out clubbing, I can take off my shirt partying on the dance floor together with the other guys.
But I'm already retired from the "gay scene." 
I have to get motivated again to workout religiously, especially for health reasons.
I'm not getting any younger.

10 November 2013

Helping Hand

By now,  the whole world is aware of the devastating typhoon that recently hit the central region of the Philippines including the provinces which were also hit by a very strong quake last month.
Super typhoon Haiyan, known as Yolanda here in my country, is one of the most powerful typhoons in recorded history causing widespread damage and loss of human lives.

I am appealing to anyone reading my blog right now for your kindness, generosity and helping hand towards my countrymen.
The Philippines isn't a rich nor highly-industrialized country and it needs all the aid it can get.

I'm encouraging people to give aid to legitimate organizations that they know of that are actively providing relief operations towards the victims of the typhoon.
"Salamat" Thank you for your kindness.

You can also send donations to the Philippine National Red Cross.

17 October 2013


A very powerful quake recently hit the provinces of Bohol and Cebu causing widespread damage and greatly affecting the lives of the families living there.
Bohol and Cebu are some of the most beautiful provinces here in the Philippines.
I say so because I have been to those provinces and experienced the sights, sounds, and the hospitality of their people. I was in Cebu in 2003 and I was in Bohol in 2006.

The photo above presents but some of the images posted by people over the internet.
If you are interested to help the victims of the earthquake, one of the ways to do so is by
visiting the website of the Philippine Red Cross.
You can make a donation through their website.

Baclayon Church back in 2006
It's sad that this once majestic piece of religious architecture has fallen victim to the forces of nature.

The bell tower back in the day when it was still standing tall.

One of the wonders of the natural world, the Chocolate Hills of Bohol.
These are very tall limestone hills that look like Hershey's chocolate kisses whenever the grass covering them turns brown during the summer season.
There are reports that some of the hills were also damaged by the quake.

I wish the provinces of Bohol and Cebu a speedy recovery so that tourists can
finally visit them again and experience their natural beauty and the warmth of their people.

Below is a short video clip of my vacation in Bohol.
It's one of my oldest videos in YouTube so please excuse the quality.

03 October 2013

Throwback Thursday

Just jumping on the "throwback Thursday"  bandwagon.
This photo was taken 10 years ago.
My bangs were still thick back then. LOL!
I miss my bangs. Why did you have to ummm..."run away" from me? Haha!
Parang nagtampo na siya at unti-unti na akong iniiwan ;-)

30 September 2013


Spent my 38th birthday last week. My goodness!
Had dinner in a nice Chinese restaurant.
It was a quiet celebration with my family with lots of food. I loved it. I enjoyed every munching moment with my shellfish, prawns and crabs. LOL! :-)



Now that I'm really in my late 30s, I wish to reminisce on my youthful years though a countdown of my favorite movie theme songs from the 1980s.
I love the 80s because I spent my childhood and early teens in that decade, and it was a fun and happy-go-lucky decade.
The only thing I'm not fond of the 80s were the bad hairdos and the often horrendous fashion. Mullet hair & acid washed jeans anyone? LOL!

Have a wonderful time watching, listening, and reminiscing with me :-)


Thanks to my blog reader Terry,  for greeting me last week :-)  

29 August 2013

Home Improvement

It was the middle of the night and I was suddenly awakened by the sound of falling glass coming from my master bathroom. I was surprised by the appearance of cracks on the glass sliding panels of my shower area. By the time the sun came up, nothing was left of the entire glass sliding door and panels but shattered glasses. 
I searched the net on the probable causes and what I found out was that is was probably the house setting in or old age.

The photo above was taken a few months before I moved in my house in 2004 almost 10 years ago. Time flew by so fast.

Glass blocks were used as partition for our shower area. They are easier to install.

-total cost-

Glass blocks : P4,760 (56pcs. P85.00/pc.) 
Adhesive Cement : P250.00
Grout : P50.00
Water Proofing : P200.00
Labor : Free :-)
Total Cost : P5,260.00 (US$119.54)

28 June 2013


A short video clip of my summer vacation in Palawan.
I always bring that white striped shirt with me during my travels. It's my "lucky" shirt :-)

There's an HD option if you have a fast internet connection.
I used a new HD cam for this video.
Have a nice time watching :-)

17 May 2013

I ❤ Palawan

I haven't been to the beach in quite some time so we decided to
spend a week's vacation in the island paradise of Palawan.

Palawan is rich in beautiful limestone islands with untouched beaches surrounded
by crystal clear blue waters.
Some of the islands such as the one below is on a protected status, this means that
tourists aren't allowed to disembark on its shores.
Don't worry, Palawan has dozens of other islands to choose from and beaches to enjoy :-)

A visit to the underground river is a must while in Palawan.

The photo (shot merely with an iPhone) doesn't give justice to how beautiful The Puerto Princesa Subterranean River National Park is.
The underground river is about 24 kilometers long and contains magnificent formations of stalactites and stalagmites.
I wasn't able to take photos inside because I was preoccupied taking videos which I will post sometime in the future.
Although I did feel somewhat "guilty" once we were finished with our river tour. I felt that our presence was a disturbance to the bats, swifts, and other animals living inside it.
A lot of tourists were quite noisy and the flashes of their cameras ruffle the natural inhabitants of the cave.

Palawan countryside with its limestone mountains.

At Dos Palmas Island Resort...

...where I did some snorkeling and swimming with the fishes along gorgeous coral reefs.
Guests are required to wear life vests since those waters are quite deep. 
Thanks goes to divemaster Victor for assisting and accompanying me.

These shots do not give justice to how colorful and pretty the coral reefs are.
The fish are all used to the presence of people who sometimes feed them pieces of bread that they will actually approach & swim alongside you hoping for a meal.
I didn't encounter any sharks and moray eels, much to my relief :-)
I'm afraid of them.

Perhaps I should purchase a true waterproof camera so that I wouldn't have to
place my generic cam inside one of those cheap plastic waterproof casing.

❤    Palawan.
If you're Filipino, you owe it to yourself to visit this island province.
If you're a foreigner wishing to go on a vacation in the Philippines, then Palawan should be on the very top of your list of visiting.
It's generally clean, peaceful, relaxed, and safe.
The people are genuinely friendly and concerned on maintaining their province's good reputation. 
I will upload a video of the other islands, beaches, and sites we visited in Palawan in the future.
I promise to come back to Palawan someday since I was not able to visit El Nido and Coron.
Perhaps next summer. Masyadong na kasi akong umitim kakabilad sa araw sa mga isla ng binisita. Kailangan din mag-ipon ng budget :-)
A week wasn't enough to fully enjoy this pristine province.

21 April 2013


It's currently the height of summer here in the Philippines.
It's so hot.
I had a wonderful summer "bakasyon" (vacation) spent with my family.

It's spring in Hong Kong and Macau when we visited during the last week of March, hence the cloudy and often rainy weather.
I miss their cool climate, especially in HK.
Yes, a lot of us wear glasses in the family :-)

02 March 2013

Tagalog Movie Theme Songs

Whoa! Haven't updated my blog for some time.
Belated Valentine's to everyone :-)
Last year, I received an email in my YouTube account requesting if I could do another compilation video of OPM (Original Pilipino Music) songs, and the person specifically asked for movie theme songs from local movies.
So, I asked a bunch of people what their favorites are, did some researching and here is what I came up with. 
The top 5 are my personal choices.
Enjoy :-)

The YouTube version isn't available in the U.S. and its territories, and in a few countries as well because of copyright restrictions.
The Vimeo version is available worldwide and has a much better quality.

08 January 2013

Happy New Year!!!

A look back at 2012 through its popular music.
Now I feel like clubbing, although the last time I went barhopping I felt 
quite ancient surrounded by teens, twentysomethings, and the early 30s crowd. LOL!
Happy New Year everyone :-)