18 October 2014


So which one is better, the chunkier one on the top (taken a month or so ago), or the less meatier one (more recent) below? LOL! :-)

My belly has shrunk and I'm not even working out a lot.
The number one culprit in my battle of the bulge was/is my addiction to sodas.
Ever since I drastically cut down on my consumption of colas, my waistline became slimmer.
I love Coke, especially Cherry Coke, and I despise the diet version. "Walang siyang lasa!" I'm salivating right now for a drink as I'm typing this blog. Hmmm...so tempted.
I hope I can keep this up (avoiding sodas), so I can be confident enough to wear my thong in the beach. Haha! Kidding.

I have been gone for quite a while. Personal issues.
I am feeling better now.
Time to let go of all of the negativity, along with my fatty bits. LOL!
Now I feel like singing Frozen's "Let It Go" but my ummm..."beautiful" nightingalish (nightingalish talaga lang huh?) voice might cause a snowstorm so I better not. Hahaha!
Have a nice day/evening :-)