08 December 2014


It's December already. The year went by so fast and we are now on its last month.
So, what news can I share today? Nothing really special happening lately.
I did recently meet someone however.
Two weeks ago while I was at the supermarket buying my groceries, someone I've been corresponding with sent me a text message.
He asked how I was doing and where I was. I told him I was at the mall, in the supermarket.
He informed me that he's at the same mall as well and asked me if I wanted to meet.
I have been corresponding with the guy for the longest period now and I thought that perhaps it's about time for him and I to finally see each other eye to eye.
Besides, I have been living like a hermit for 6 months now. My home and the office have been my constant environments.
I felt like my life has become stagnant, boring and lonely so I agreed to meet the guy. Meet a new face. Just a friendly meeting. Nothing more. Nothing less. No high expectations.
After I was done with the groceries and placed them inside my car, I went back into the mall and proceeded towards Starbucks. So typical a meeting place huh?
First impression? Tall! He's 6 ft. tall which made me a little conscious at first since I consider myself short. I'm only 5'7".
He looked much better in person than in his photos. He's 3 years older than me. Okay bod. Fair skinned. Pero sabi niya mas maputi daw ako sa kanya. Sagot ko naman, di importante ang kulay ng balat. Basta malinis tingnan at hindi tadtad ng singko at bente singko. LOL!
Natawa tuloy siya.
We talked about trivial stuff, the same trivial stuff we discussed whenever we exchanged text messages. Again nothing serious nor personal which is what I prefer at the moment.
Although he did open about his last breakup which happened a year ago, and that he has been single since then. It's only recently that he had started seeing people again.
After we finished our frappuccinos, I told him that I had better head home before the butter and frozen bacon I purchased earlier begin defrosting inside my car.
He told me he had to go home as well since he's the one preparing dinner for his parents later that night. 
As we were heading towards the parking lot, we noticed something strange.
Of all the areas in the parking lot, areas A B C D and so forth, it turned out we were both parked in the same section, area C. Not only that, our vehicles have the same color and the same brand. He drives an SUV though. I drive a sedan. I forgot to mention earlier that we were both wearing white shirts as well. He was wearing a white long sleeve shirt which I teased him about. I told him he looked too formal for a casual meeting. He didn't even roll up his sleeves. He reasoned that it was his office attire. I on the other hand was wearing a white tee shirt with an image of a 1970s Eric Clapton printed on it :-)
We joked about the weird similarities. Eventually we said our farewells and went our separate ways. I had a nice time.
He texted me last Thursday asking if there's a possibility of a repeat of our meeting.
I haven't replied.
He texted me yesterday.
He said, he's willing to wait.
 He said, he understands.


Seth said...

Hangkyut. Wala bang sparks?

I can tell it was special for him

Anonymous said...

Awwww, how sweet. Getting to know phase, nothing wrong with that. Best of luck.


Anonymous said...

Kilig moment. Di mo ba type?
Akin na lang kung ayaw mo. Hehehe.

robert said...

well...i guesed it's time for you to move on.but be cautious.friendly dates first,get to know his background and other stuffs.if you guys click,then...you deserve to be happy.good luck rey. my good wishes.

Toyo said...

It was merely a friendly meeting.

Thanks for the comments and warm wishes. I appreciate them :-)

robert said...

As always, my good wishes to you Rey and your family on this Christmas Day. Take care and God bless.Merry Christmas.

Toyo said...

Thank you Robert.
Happy Holidays to and your loved ones :-)