27 May 2015


I got my new "steed" earlier in the month.
It's in white which is the color I wanted :-)

Not too big. Not too small. Perfect fit for me.
I do not have a spouse nor do I have children so a small SUV will do just fine.
Wala naman akong asawa at anak, kaya okay na yan.

My nanay (mother) is paranoid of the glass roof.
She was with me when we took it from the dealership.
She doesn't want to take a ride in it again. LOL!

Unfortunately, I can only drive it around the family compound because of the "No Plate Number, No Travel" policy of the Land Transportation Office.
Hindi pa ako pwedeng lumarga ;-)

I hope my official plate number gets issued as soon as possible BUT since this is the Philippines, wish me luck. It might take more than a month.
Good luck na lang sa inyong abang lingkod.

My old car which I nicknamed pogi (handsome) can finally go into a much needed semi-retirement. It has served me well throughout the years.
I don't want to sell it fearing that it might end up being abused or chopped for spare parts.
Kawawa naman siya pag ganun.
 Sentimental value is strong so it's hard for me to let it go.
It will still be the car parked in my garage.

I'm thankful that my parents allowed me to use their warehouse garage which is about less than a minute walk away from my home.
They know that I do not have the patience at the moment to undergo another home renovation just to expand my garage.

I have been driving vehicles with manual transmissions for the longest time.
 It's weird switching to an auto/CVT.
Vroom! Vroom! :-)


Anonymous said...

Nice! Pasakay naman po ^_^

robert said...

oh wow,finally.nice suv n nice place too.soon,you will appreciate driving an AT. I also switched to AT a long time ago.it's more relaxing to drive around than an MT,specially in heavy traffic.take care rey.

Anonymous said...

Rey, are you coming back to PR? i miss looking at your profile there. Bakit ka ba nagdelete ng acct dun?

Toyo said...

@Anonymous 1
Thanks for the comment!
Thank you :-)
I like driving a manual but you are right in saying that an auto is much less tiring to drive especially in heavy traffic.
@Anonymous 2
PR as in Planet Romeo?
I've already outgrown it which is why I deleted my account.
Marami naman akong pictures dito sa blog ko.
Thanks for the compliment :-)

Anonymous said...

Miss na namin naughty pics mo papa Toyo.
Madami ka dati sa PR eh ^_^

terry said...

I like your new motor, I'm sure you made the right decision to go with an auto. May be you could give an update on how it drives - take care and drive carefully.

Toyo said...

Thanks Terry.
It drives and "shifts" smoothly for an auto/CVT.
The ride is comfortable and interior noise is quiet.
I have been driving manual most of my life so I sometimes feel weird not using all my feet because of the lack of a clutch.
It does have paddle shifters.
Take care as well :-)