25 September 2015


It's my 40th birthday & my blog is on its 10th year.
 So let me umm..."serenade" you with the most fabulously fabulous greatest song in the universe! LOL!
I'm so good I almost sound like the original huh? Hehe!
Forgot to turn on the lights. 'twas a spur-of-the-moment ;-p

I promised before that I won't be singing in my blog anymore so I dubbed ;-)

Note to self: Caffeine in the wee hours of the night = foolishness galore! Haha!
Have a nice weekend!

06 September 2015


Hooray for cheat days!
My current addiction.

I can only consume them on weekends.
Everyday my mouth waters when I catch a glimpse of them.
My mouth is watering now as I'm typing this down. LOL!
Pagkatapos sundan mo pa ng ice cream at malamig na bote ng Coca Cola.
 My gosh, ang tiyan. Haha!

My current fave is Mang Juan's veggie chicharron. Hehe!
Oops! I forgot the vinegar :-)
Happy weekend!