04 May 2016


The heat wave is becoming unbearable.
Imagine enduring temperatures of 36 degrees and above, and heat indexes of 39 to 40+ degrees Celsius which is about 100+ degrees Fahrenheit. Gosh!
I didn't want to immediately turn on the air conditioner when I got home so I decided to take a late afternoon drive around town.

I stopped by my old high school building which apparently has been turned into a university extension.
I haven't visited it in a very very very loooooong time.
I'm pleased to see the acacia tree still standing.
The parking lot used to be unpaved when I was still studying there.
Now it's so neat and orderly.

The building looks so old.....because it is old! 
It's "ancient." LOL!
They have air conditioners now?
Back in the day, the rooms only have a limited number of electric fans. 
Some of us even brought and used hand fans to deal with the heat.
Sosyal may aircon na sila. Dati nag-aagawan pa kami sa electric fan.
Nagbabaon pa nga ako ng pamaypay eh. Hehe!

Right across the former high school building stands what used to be the elementary school building which has been turned into the parish church's living quarters/office.
I didn't go inside because there were people giving me stares while I was taking pictures.
The school transferred its elementary and high school departments to a different district during the mid 1990s by the way.

Right beside what used to be the elementary school building is the parish church.
(St. Martin of Tours Parish church)

The school I went to is a very religious catholic school. 
A mass is always held every first Friday of the month and during important dates in the catholic calendar which students are required to attend.

When I was a kid, I used to hang around this monument after school with my classmates having "merienda" while waiting for the family driver to pick me up. Oh the memories.

The sun is finally setting.
 Time for me to head out before the gates are closed.
Have a nice day :-)