26 June 2016


I'm almost done with the interior repainting of my home, the final area which is the master bedroom.
It should have been finished months ago but I had to let go of my painter for a period of time so he can repaint a family member's house that was in dire need of a refresh.

Master bedroom is split in half.
This is the area currently being worked on.
This half serves as my home office. 

I've chosen the color powder blue. It's like a mix of gray and blue. Not too bright/light.
Much calmer. More soothing.
Pardon the mess. They're part of the process :-)

The room's color back in 2003.
Very juvenile.
Time flew by so fast.

Speaking of time flying by, I saw this photo in a very old USB stick I found while I was boxing my stuff. 
A photocopy of my old driver's license.

 I'm only 171 cm around 5'7" tall.
Why am I not tall? Is it because I seldom drank milk when I was kid?
But I'm lactose intolerant. Ewww!
 Huhuhu! I wish I was at least 180 cm. Here I go again.
Oh fairy gaymother, please grant my wish. Hehe!
51 kg. So skinny back then.
If I went back in time, my 2002 version will most likely find it difficult to recognize me ;-)


Anonymous said...

Nice color choice.
Average lang naman po height niyo for a Filipino.
Ang payat mo pala noon, papa toyo ^_^

Anonymous said...

Hahaha! Payat din ako nung kabataan ko, ngayon batchoy na.

Anonymous said...

Hi papa Toyo. Busy ah.
Update naman po. May special someone na po ba? Hehe.

Toyo said...

Thanks for the comments :-)
Ayoko na ng mga special special someone na yan.
Sakit lang sa ulo. LOL!

Anonymous said...

Hahaha! I'm only 5'5"
People often mistook me for a boy kapag nakatalikod.
Okay lang yan.

Toyo said...

Thanks Anonymous :-)

Oman said...

wow. how our blogs evolved. i used to visit this blog before specially when there are few bloggers back then. nice to be back browsing again. take care :)

terry said...

happy birthday rey - your home looks good.

Toyo said...

Thanks for dropping by my blog Oman. Take care!
Thanks for remembering Terry, thanks for the compliment as well :-)