18 October 2016

Another Project

Another home improvement project.

Decided to enclose my garage because I've had enough of the rain getting my vehicle wet.

 This country has one of the most trying weather and climate.
 If it isn't super hot and humid, it's raining.

It rains 8 months a year. Torrential rains. Thunderstorms. Typhoons. Geesh!

At first I thought of purchasing new motorized garage doors but
my iron gate is still in good condition and I didn't want it to go to waste.

Installed analok sliding windows on the side of the garage.

 Polycarbonate sheets on the panels above the windows. 

Polycarbonate sheets on the gate to keep the dust and rain away, and for privacy as well.

A new coat of paint on the gate and it's finished!

What's next? 
My fence, but I'll do it once the monsoon season is over.
Have a wonderful day :-)