03 June 2005


My nanay/mother & I stopped by my lola's/grandmother's house on our way home to give her some fresh fruits yesterday afternoon. I only have one lola left. My lola is now in her early 90s. Fortunately she's still strong and can "take care" of herself. Meaning, she can still walk, feed herself, etc., unlike my other lola who was confined to her bed for almost a year before she passed away last February.
Unfortunately, my lola's hearing is not good anymore and she doesn't recognize me either. My lola didn't have a clue who I was. My nanay kept telling her "apo mo binibisita ka/this is your grandson visiting you." I told my nanay, "huwag mo ng kulitin si lola naintindihan ko." That I understood if she didn't recognize me.
It is not a good feeling to see people who were once strong and filled with life succumbing to old age...becoming weak. I pray that my lola's remaining years will be less stressful for her and that she'd still be able to "enjoy" her life.