28 July 2005


I had recently installed a bamboo fence on top of my walls to maintain a sense of privacy between myself and my neighbor. My neighbor is my eldest sister. Hehe. Actually the homes of my sisters and the home of my parents are all located inside our family compound. We're all neighbors, so no need for family gatherings I guess :-) I really like the bamboo. All I need now is the sea for my house to finally look like a real Mediterranean meets tropical beach sanctuary. I think I'm going to order some Boracay sand. ;-)

ober da bakod!

23 July 2005

Boracay Island

22 July 2005

Unconditional Love = Overrated

A friend once asked me if it was possible for someone to "change" if he loved him hard enough. I answered, "No." Love is sometimes not enough to make anyone change. Change is a personal decision. If a person doesn't want to change or adapt in order for the relationship to become stronger, then that person doesn't love you. Loving someone unconditionally is only setting yourself up for possible disappointments and hurt. Relationships should have at least some rules and boundaries in order to minimize conflict and pain in both parties. Only God can love unconditionally for He is God and can endure it...we cannot. We are only human beings. This is one of life's lessons I've learned the hard way. It's ok, as long as I've learned. :-)

14 July 2005

My Home Gym

A friend has been asking about my home gym. Here it is. The room is very small. I can only benchpress starting from 90 lbs. to 100 lbs. max. I want to push it up to 110 lbs. I'm what gym people call "hard gainer." It's hard for me to gain mass than lose mass. My weight is only around 125-130 lbs. So I eat and eat (mostly fish and chicken meat/protein) until I'm about to throw up. Why am I punishing myself? Because I like the results. I think I'm obsessed at getting big. :-) I still need to arrange my equipments.

gym ko

03 July 2005

Hassles Part 2

Another reason I chose not to live in the city is the horrible traffic. Beware of the annoying jeepneys and most especially the buses. They WILL try to force you off your lane if you don't stand your ground. But if you survived driving in Manila, you can probably drive anywhere else in the world. I only go to the city to shop or attend special occasions. Those bus drivers really get in my nerves. They don't stay in their designated lanes.

darn traffic

Hassles Part 1

During the monsoon season when the country experiences heavy rains the city is prone & I do mean prone to getting flooded. When I was still in college I was forced to walk through a flooded city street to get to my car. Walking through a flooded street is like walking through garbage. You'd see all the city's trash floating. There's also the danger of falling into an open manhole and I'm talking about a real manhole & not the "organic" type. Hehe! I had to bathe in alcohol afterwards. That is why I don't live in the city.


01 July 2005

Unintentional Exhibitionist :-)

after i finish taking a shower i usually shave my face. today was no exception other than one thing...i forgot to close the blinds in my bathroom's window. so what's the big deal? i was in my birthday suit when i was shaving. yup! no towel. no robe. i have huge windows in my bathroom. my house is quite tall & my bathroom is on the 2nd floor so i'm not that/always conscious or wary that i might be seen, but today a building across the street started undergoing reconstruction. the building is quite far but if you have decent eyesight you will still see me if you were atop that building. i noticed 2 "perverted" construction workers were looking at me, so i did what any "decent" human being placed in that situation would have done....i flexed my muscles and posed. :-) might as well make a funny thing out of an unusual situation. i'm not in the best shape (by my standards) these days but that doesn't mean i'm in bad shape. afterwards, i immediately closed the blinds. if they want to see more (as if they haven't already) they have to pay a considerable fee! haha! there's a waiting list too! ;-) i'm just joking. what a weird homoerotic way to start the day huh? good thing i used hot water. hehe!

toyo = badboy = loko loko :-)