01 July 2005

Unintentional Exhibitionist :-)

after i finish taking a shower i usually shave my face. today was no exception other than one thing...i forgot to close the blinds in my bathroom's window. so what's the big deal? i was in my birthday suit when i was shaving. yup! no towel. no robe. i have huge windows in my bathroom. my house is quite tall & my bathroom is on the 2nd floor so i'm not that/always conscious or wary that i might be seen, but today a building across the street started undergoing reconstruction. the building is quite far but if you have decent eyesight you will still see me if you were atop that building. i noticed 2 "perverted" construction workers were looking at me, so i did what any "decent" human being placed in that situation would have done....i flexed my muscles and posed. :-) might as well make a funny thing out of an unusual situation. i'm not in the best shape (by my standards) these days but that doesn't mean i'm in bad shape. afterwards, i immediately closed the blinds. if they want to see more (as if they haven't already) they have to pay a considerable fee! haha! there's a waiting list too! ;-) i'm just joking. what a weird homoerotic way to start the day huh? good thing i used hot water. hehe!

toyo = badboy = loko loko :-)