25 August 2005


It is sad that two Iranian teen-agers were hanged in their country a few weeks ago only because they happened to be gay. Homosexuality and homosexual acts are deemed as crimes not only in Iran but in other countries as well mainly because of religion. I guess I was wrong thinking that I had it real bad when I was once bullied out of college by people who had suspicions that I was gay almost a decade ago. I was still young and at a stage of sexual identity crisis. I really didn't know who to turn to. I had to stop for a semester. Fortunately I was able to get back on my feet although it still hurts whenever I think of that sad period of my life.
I never thought that these unjust & heinous acts against homosexuals still exist. It hurts & infuriates me knowing that at this very moment another man or woman is probably being hanged or punished in some country for the reason that he/she happens to be gay.?



Pete said...
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The Dangerous Man said...

I saw this in the news, I think it's terrible and something should be done regarding human rights.
I don't think it would happen in any other country.

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amboy said...
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