12 October 2005

Food Binge

I went to the mall this afternoon because I wanted to buy a staple gun...I ended up buying clothes....again!!! :-( I couldn't help it. There was a sale. But from now on I will not shop for clothes until the year ends. I'm all alone here. Nothing to do tonight, so I raided the fridge. I eat when I'm happy. I eat when I'm sad. I even eat when I'm afraid. Hehe! Just kidding. I just love eating. Once upon a time I even tried eating "balut" (boiled duck's egg with duck embryo in it) and "dorian" (a tropical fruit that smells like crap). I will not try to eat these foods again but at least I once did. The taste was ok but the smell was really unpleasant. I get irritated at people who are overly conscious or "maarte" with their diet, unless they have allergies. It makes me wonder how hungry they are to experience life. Anyway, my metabolism is fast & I do serious exercises every other day so it doesn't worry me that I eat a lot.

For my midnight snack, I ate a plate of baked macaroni, 6 chicken nuggets, a garlic bread, 1 deep-fried spring roll, and a slice of cantaloupe. I washed it all down with a tall glass of soya milk. I'm still hungry though :-( I'll eat some beef wanton noodles & tuna subway sandwich after I finished publishing this. Then it's off to bed. Takaw ko talaga. I'm so bored I took pictures of my own night snack. Hehe! :-)