30 April 2006

A Prized Possession

Yes, this is an original Voltes V toy. A friend of mine told me that this toy is a collector's item now. My tatay/father bought it as a birthday gift and as a reward for me for getting good grades in school. I was in 4th or 5th grade I think when I got this toy. I was supposed to buy it with my own money but my savings weren't enough so my father who I guessed felt sorry for me decided to buy it anyway. I love you tatay! :-) This toy is made more of metal than plastic. I only have one laser sword left and it's hard to fit Bomber 2 into Panzer 3. I don't want to force it because I don't want to break it. Voltes V is a very popular cartoon here in the Philippines. It's still popular now even if it was first aired in the 70s. Sana binili ko rin si Daimos! Mas guwapo si Daimos :-(


Some of my blog readers are requesting new videos from me. I'm still quite busy to do one & I'm also thinking of a story or concept for the new vid. I'll make a new video for my blog before the month of May ends & I think I won't be alone in my next vid. Hehe! ;-)

09 April 2006

Infatuation 2006

I used to have 10 top crushes. I narrowed them down to five. E.C. (not a celebrity) is still my numero uno crush. Unfortunately E.C. is straight & married :-( Sana may twin siya. Haha! Rick Yune is 2nd place. Ricky is 3rd. Tommy Page (my crush since my teen years) is 4th. Nate is 5th. He's last on the list because he doesn't look like a bad boy nor can he sing. Nevertheless, he's still hot hot hot! He's always welcome to decorate my home anytime. He can even sleep over. Yeah right...keep on dreaming Toyo :-) FYI I'm not a bad boy. I might seem loko loko but I'm not. Hindi po talaga. Maniwala kayo. Kasi tinutukso ako ng isang "boi" na bad boy daw ako :-( Ayaw niyang maniwala na I'm an "innocent" (oops! biglang kumulog hehe) and semi-demure probinsyano. Semi lang kasi may pictures ako dito na shirtless. Haha!


I saw my high school crush (not E.C.) yesterday.
Ang laki na ng tiyan niya tapos may receding hairline pa :-(