30 April 2006

A Prized Possession

Yes, this is an original Voltes V toy. A friend of mine told me that this toy is a collector's item now. My tatay/father bought it as a birthday gift and as a reward for me for getting good grades in school. I was in 4th or 5th grade I think when I got this toy. I was supposed to buy it with my own money but my savings weren't enough so my father who I guessed felt sorry for me decided to buy it anyway. I love you tatay! :-) This toy is made more of metal than plastic. I only have one laser sword left and it's hard to fit Bomber 2 into Panzer 3. I don't want to force it because I don't want to break it. Voltes V is a very popular cartoon here in the Philippines. It's still popular now even if it was first aired in the 70s. Sana binili ko rin si Daimos! Mas guwapo si Daimos :-(


Some of my blog readers are requesting new videos from me. I'm still quite busy to do one & I'm also thinking of a story or concept for the new vid. I'll make a new video for my blog before the month of May ends & I think I won't be alone in my next vid. Hehe! ;-)


leone said...

How about a striptease??

Just a thought!! :-)

Leone xx

Rey/Toyo said...

striptease!!!???? you are soo naughty.....i like it! haha! kidding ;-)

asar.boi said...

oooh a video where you won't be alone? with a partner?

hmmm... can't be a dance video?... could be a workout video?... a home improvement video?...

nah!must be a sex video, hahaha!!!... joke!

pang asar lang, hehehe ;)

Anonymous said...

weebeee!!! tagal mo nawala nagbakasyon siguro at nakahanap ng papa... =)

- onehunkguy

Rey/Toyo said...

sex video? ummm....maybe! haha! kidding! wala akong maisip malagay sa blog ko kaya tagal akong hindi nakapagpost :-)

southdude said...

wow! voltes v!

Rey/Toyo said...


Anonymous said...


Want more nostalgia?



Maraming salamat!

Eric Capacia's Fierce Blogs said...

I have the same toy and I cherish it more than anything.

Fierce Blogs just saying hi :)