10 May 2006

No Worries: Filipino Version

I edited the video my friend made for me. I replaced the original song to make it much more Filipino/Pinoy because I'm not ashamed nor am I afraid to be gay Pinoy man. And if people can't accept me for who I am (and there were people who couldn't accept me because of my sexuality) then it's not my problem anymore. "Tuloy pa rin ang buhay ko." My world will still continue to turn. Life still goes on for me :-)

To my blog readers who constantly email me asking for a new vid, I'll make a new one before the end of the month. I already have a "storyline." I'll be introducing someone in my next vid ;-). The working title of my next vid is....Toying with Toyo. Haha! Just kidding! By the way, I just finsihed updating my music page