16 July 2006

Road To Recovery

I have been on medication for more than a month now because of my annoying sinus condition. I hate it! I always feel lethargic and I lost weight because of the meds especially during week 2 of my treatment. I had to take a combination of antihistamines and antibiotics. Here’s how my treatment went.
Week 1: prednisone 5mg tablets 3x/day, & an antibiotic capsule (forgot the name) per day
Week 2: celestamine 5mg tablets 2x/day, & 500mg ceporex (antibiotic capsule) 3x per day
Week 3 & 4: 1 lorano tablet per day. i had an allergic reaction to this med. i got zits :-(
Week 5: One 500mg sumapen antibiotic capsule per day.

I’m scheduled to visit the E.N.T. doctor next week. The doctor told me during my last visit that my sinus has already improved. He told me to not use nasal decongestant sprays anymore because that was what made my sinus sick in the first place. I have used nasal sprays for my sinusitis for a long time that my sinus has become “dependent” on it to function “normally.” It was my fault. I’m guilty. I got concerned during my first check-up when he (doc) told me to have it (sinus) x-rayed. Fortunately, the results were negative. I hate going to hospitals. All hospitals (public & private, rich & poor) have that distinct “smell” that I’m not fond of. Below are photos of my x-ray and evaluation report. I erased my last name and the location of the hospital because I don’t want the whole world to find out where I live. People who don't like me & my blog might stalk me or something. Hehehe! Click the pics to enlarge.