16 July 2006

Road To Recovery

I have been on medication for more than a month now because of my annoying sinus condition. I hate it! I always feel lethargic and I lost weight because of the meds especially during week 2 of my treatment. I had to take a combination of antihistamines and antibiotics. Here’s how my treatment went.
Week 1: prednisone 5mg tablets 3x/day, & an antibiotic capsule (forgot the name) per day
Week 2: celestamine 5mg tablets 2x/day, & 500mg ceporex (antibiotic capsule) 3x per day
Week 3 & 4: 1 lorano tablet per day. i had an allergic reaction to this med. i got zits :-(
Week 5: One 500mg sumapen antibiotic capsule per day.

I’m scheduled to visit the E.N.T. doctor next week. The doctor told me during my last visit that my sinus has already improved. He told me to not use nasal decongestant sprays anymore because that was what made my sinus sick in the first place. I have used nasal sprays for my sinusitis for a long time that my sinus has become “dependent” on it to function “normally.” It was my fault. I’m guilty. I got concerned during my first check-up when he (doc) told me to have it (sinus) x-rayed. Fortunately, the results were negative. I hate going to hospitals. All hospitals (public & private, rich & poor) have that distinct “smell” that I’m not fond of. Below are photos of my x-ray and evaluation report. I erased my last name and the location of the hospital because I don’t want the whole world to find out where I live. People who don't like me & my blog might stalk me or something. Hehehe! Click the pics to enlarge.


kyle said...

my super duper crush is sick? kawawa ka naman. if you want, i can be your personal nurse and help you get better.


Rey/Toyo said...

send me your resumé and i'll think about it. hehe! kidding. thanks for the message. that was nice of you :-)

leone said...

Forget the nurse! I'll be your doc - I've got a great 'bed side manner'! Hope you're feeling yourself again soon (pardon the pun). Have a great weekend sweet cheeks!

Leone x

Rey/Toyo said...

Thanks Leone ;-)
I need to get back in-shape although it's quite hard. I've lost almost 10 pounds. I'm so thin again. I hate getting sick and taking medications. I want to be 130 lbs. again which is my ideal fit weight.
Have a nice weekend :-)

Anonymous said...

U R SO CUTE!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I THINK I LOVE U!!!!!!!!
I FEEL SAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jerick said...

sorry to hear about yer illness pareho tayo :(

Rey/Toyo said...

kainis talaga magkasakit. magastos pa! i should spending money on clothes and of course...food rather on medicine. hehehe! :-)

southdude said...

Hope you'll feel better! Prednisone is a strong steroid!

denverkeef said...

Wow! i ended up viewing your videos and reading your blogs for 2 hours. you're candid and sincere. i admire you for being such an open book for everybody and doing such stuff earns yourself more respect from your family, circle of friends and even to those who attempt to get to know you better. well, it's just normal thing people who happen to drop by might judge you or even admire but you're being true to yourself and that's the best gift you could have given for yourself. i haven't tried reading blogs of someone's private life but the thing is, your intention to share your life rich experience is worth telling. of all the honest-to-goodness stories you've shared, the health condition of your father and your quest to get rid of sinus got my attention most. i just couldn't imagine staying awake in the hospital bearing the stressful ambiance of the situation that your dad suffered. i couldn't help myself thinking how hard it is turning down meds prescribed by your doctors for your sinusitis. yeah, it's simple to narrate all these things but taking into account of experiencing health problem is so stressful and we can help ourselves but to wish that we're back to normal condition again. just want to share with you and this is no joke if you want to get rid of sinus totally and you'd never think it would recur again and also for you dad not to experience having mild stroke again. i experienced all these things so just want you to try this simple gift of life to achieve total wellness...try First Vita Plus (all natural vegetables-in-a drink in dalandan, melon and guyabano flavor). believe me it works for your sinus and for your dad. sisiw lang ang sinus, bro. my mother had 3x stroke and now she's not taking for maintenance anymore. she's 69 now and healthy. a gift for your family...wealth in health.

Toyo said...

thanks for the comment denverkeef.
this is an old blog posting. my sinus condition is already back to normal and my father is also doing well :-)

denverkeef said...

i'm happy to know that all things couldn't be better. sorry i commented an old blog. i never mind of d date. anyway, we still need to be more exta careful esp we are all getting old. ha ha ha. you're worried, right?tingin ko you'll still look young coz you really take care of yourself. nice to know you're dad's doin' well. live life to the fullest with him and love unconditionally. how i wish i could have my dad seeing me how i have grown. he passed away when i was gr.5 and i have never experienced having a happy bonding with him. life's a gift. treasure your dad... he expects to have "apos' with you. he he he. (sigh)