09 August 2006


I love playing survivor-horror themed video games. I'm especially fond of the Resident Evil, Silent Hill, and Fatal Frame series. This video is my tribute to those games that are a delight to play. Just finished playing Resident Evil 4 & I can't wait for Resident Evil 5 either for the Playstation 3 or XBox 360. I shot this all in my house. Now my nephews are afraid to spend the night there after seeing the vid :-)

more of my vids at http://www.youtube.com/profile_videos?user=toyo925


kyle said...

ang pogi pogi pogi mo toyo! you're so darn cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
crush na crush pa rin talaga kita maski may bf ka!

pero bitin ha. when is part 2 coming out?

how can i save your videos in my pc so i can view it over and over?

you're house is beautiful if i may say.

Rey/Toyo said...

bola!!!! but thank you for the very nice message. you made me smile :-)

part 2? matagal pa iyon, if i find the time. it's hard to edit clips, my computer bogs down. i need more ram i think.

take care young guy!

Jerick said...

finally i got my blogs on the site.. but i can't upload photos... maybe i really need a tutorial.. hehe

Anonymous said...

Awww - stop scaring your poor nephews you bad boy!

Leone x

Rey/Toyo said...

it will get easy as time passes by. self-study lang ginawa ko sa blogging, jerick. thanks for the comments my fellow bulakenyo. :-)

hello leone, i'm sad that you've decided to discontinue q.e.k.
thanks for dropping by

berg said...

haha dude i accidentally saw this video on youtube while browsing. the editing was tight and the soundtrack fitting. i saw sa tag that you were filipino and i noticed that you had a blog. gusto ko lang magcomment... nice work! cant wait for part 2 hehehe

b.t.w. i skimmed through some of your videoblogs... its interesting coz i have a friend who sounds and acts just like you, its kinda freaky haha. wala lang, baka brothers kayo separated at birth hihihi

Rey/Toyo said...

freaky? :-(
freaky in a good way? hahaha! :-)

thanks for the comment berg.

berg said...

freaky in the sense that parehong pareho talaga... naaliw ako sa similarities. i didnt mean anything bad by it :-) so i guess, freaky in a good way hahaha

Rey/Toyo said...


kevin said...

wag mong pansinin si kyle. pay attention to me instead because i have a bigger crush on you than kyle. kyle you're my friend, but leave toyo to me :)

ryan said...


Sorry guys he's already taken...
Any questions? (Or die!) hehehehe just kidding.

Rey's very talented in many ways...most things i can only keep to myself...HAHAHAHA!!!

Ryan (Rey's BOYFRIEND)

Rey/Toyo said...

babe! don't scare kevin and kyle. they are very nice to me :-)

can i ask what "talent" you are referring to? ;-)

love ya!

Anonymous said...

i've watched all of your vids.
you are such a HOTTIE HOT HOT GUY!!!!
keep up the good work.

bay_area.boi said...

too cool... yep, "talentado" ka talaga rey ;-) ... editing was tight and the music was spot on... pwede ka nang director/editor, hehehe...

tagal ko nang hindi naka visit dito ah? hehehe

imahjo ;-)

Rey/Toyo said...

hello zac/imahjo/bay_area.boi! hehehe! you have so many names :p

thanks for dropping by.

yes,it's been ages!

take care :-)

Anonymous said...

loved the vid. i liked the transition scene with the knife and you kneeling on the floor. when is the conclusion coming out? keep up the good blogging!