06 September 2006


A certain person who shall remain anonymous always tells me that I should wear my hair up/spiked. I’m too lazy to style my hair and I don’t like putting on hair gel though. Just this once, I’ll sport a spiked/anime hairstyle. I just got out of the shower. It’s hot in the Philippines you know? I hope that “anonymous” person is happy now ;-) Masaya ka na? I don't wanna smile in the pics because I just ate some chocolates. Hehe!

I don’t like my bod. I want to be more muscular & bigger & bigger like umm..Batista! Hehe! My annoying sinusitis is back. I’m on meds again. Boo! hu! hu! Kawawa naman ako. Nobody's taking care of me. Wala pong nag-aalaga sa akin. Boo hu! hu! :-(