18 October 2006

Fruitcake ;-)

Sabi ng mga friends ko, “Wow pare! Pumuputi ka ha!” Sabi ko, “Eh di magpapaya na rin kayo. Sikreto ng mga guwapo.” Hehehe!

While we are on the subject of fruits, I think that avocados are some of the funkiest fruits I’ve ever encountered. I feel weird eating one, not because of its taste. It tastes fine. It’s the smell of the fruit that makes me feel umm…”uncomfortable.”
Do I dare say what in my opinion the smell of avocado is like? Ok! Ok! We’re all adults here anyway. I don’t like eating avocados because they smell like umm…cum. Eww! There! I finally said it! I finally got it out of my system. Avocados smell like the milk of human kindness. Haha! I asked several people if they agreed with me and they just laughed. They said it’s not avocado but “Zonrox” that smells like man juice. Hahaha! I semi-agree with the “zonrox” thing though. Hehe! Thank you for taking the time to read my very unusual yet highly "informative" latest posting. Hoping for your kind consideration. The End.

Yes, I’m sick! I’m Toyo! ;-)

01 October 2006

Bohol 2006

A short video clip of my recent vacation in the province of Bohol, here in the Philippines. It was an advanced birthday gift to me by a dear family friend. Usually, once I’ve vacationed at a certain place I wouldn’t be interested to go back anymore because I would move on & try other places I've never been to, but Bohol is such a beautiful place I wouldn’t mind returning in the future. The people are friendly (Bohol Beach Club), the place is calm & is still unspoiled and not overly commercialized.
Umm…please forgive the interpretative dance showdown I did with my sister. She's going to kill me!!! Oh no!!! Hehehe! :-)
I need to get back in-shape. I'm too lazy these days kasi ;-)

ore of my vids at http://www.youtube.com/profile_videos?user=toyo925