01 October 2006

Bohol 2006

A short video clip of my recent vacation in the province of Bohol, here in the Philippines. It was an advanced birthday gift to me by a dear family friend. Usually, once I’ve vacationed at a certain place I wouldn’t be interested to go back anymore because I would move on & try other places I've never been to, but Bohol is such a beautiful place I wouldn’t mind returning in the future. The people are friendly (Bohol Beach Club), the place is calm & is still unspoiled and not overly commercialized.
Umm…please forgive the interpretative dance showdown I did with my sister. She's going to kill me!!! Oh no!!! Hehehe! :-)
I need to get back in-shape. I'm too lazy these days kasi ;-)

ore of my vids at http://www.youtube.com/profile_videos?user=toyo925


Anonymous said...

Yes, Bohol is definitely anice place. Been there once and haven't had the chance to go back.

By the way, intresting dance moves you and your sister have there. hehehehehe kidding

kyle said...

at last!!! u updated na your blog. you've been gone for a long time.

can i tag along when you go back to bohol? kidding! you are so cute cute cute po! keep flashing that smile. you are still my number 1 crush!!!

belated happy birthday!

um..who won the interpretative dance showdown? hihi!

Matt said...

Hello Mr. Cutie! Great video. I like the song. I think you're already in-shape.

Are you Filipino or Chinese?
I emailed you. I'll wait for your reply.

Rey/Toyo said...

hi marcus. thanks for dropping by :-)

hello kyle! thanks for the greeting. i won the dance showdown. i bribed the judges. hahaha! ;-)

hi matt. thanks for the message. i'm filipino.

i'll answer your email as soon as i can.

have a nice day guys :-)

Anonymous said...

bohol looks like a good place to visit.
i watched all of your videos. you have a magnetic smile. you're very cute and i think you already know that.
i'm a g4m member.

ryan said...

on behalf of my sweetie many thanks!!!

he is very talented in makeing these kind of videos..SWEETIE, you should be in cinema! :o)

love yah each day passes by!!! mwahhh!!!

love lots,


Jerick said...

Finally.. i got a glimpse of that vacation you made hehe. Ang tagal na nito ah. You rock, toyo. Keep in touch

Rey/Toyo said...

Babe! Mali spelling mo ng "making." Bwahaha! That's ok, you're still gorgeously gorgeous in my eyes!
Talagang ini-stress mo na bf kita ha. UUUyyyyy! Nagseselos na naman siya. UUUUyyyy! Hehehe! MWAHH!!!! Love ya!
Yes, I will be the next Cecil B. Demented. Hehehe! ;-)

Thank you Mr. Anonymous. That's sweet of you to say :-)

Hello Jerick. Thanks for the nice message. I was in Bohol from Sept. 17th to the 20th. It took me a while to make the videoblog because I got sick. Actually I'm still recovering.


Jerome aka Bridget Jones is a Man said...

hello, rey! i have been hopping and i saw your address in your profile! i am a fellow blogger and fellow site member. i hope we could link each other up. i have been addicted to making videos and your bohol video is great (nice song choice! luv Jennifer Hudson)! more videos ha? i hope you'd be a regular guest at my blog. visit my "In Davao - But I Left My Heart in Manila" entry and click on the video which my babe made for us. (swoons)

ciao! spread the love, bro!

Rey/Toyo said...

thanks for the warm message jerome. i'll definitely visit your blog :-)

Chris said...

nice video clip toyo... pang wow philippines yan ha :D cheers

Rey/Toyo said...

thanks chris :-)

Anonymous said...

It is so refeshing to visit your blog again after a long absence. You are looking mightily handsome and fit more than ever before. Enjoyed watching your short video. Hope you had a wonderful and memorable time in your Bohol trip.
Best wishes to you and Ryan :)


Rey/Toyo said...

glad you dropped by my blog. so many things have happened. so many changes. i'm glad we're still friends. take care. best wishes to you and your newfound bf/stud/ricky ;-)

kevin said...

papable talaga ni papa toyo! yummy yummy niyang tingnan! wag mo pong isama si kyle ako na lang. mas cute po ako sa kanya. sorry ka na lang kyle :P

ryan said...

thanks amboy...


ryan said...

look for your own PAPA kevin...too bad TOYO's mine...


Rey/Toyo said...

babe! napakaseloso mo talaga. love ya!
kevin, wag ka matakot ka ryan. he's very nice.

Anonymous said...

Been there very recently, also stayed at bohol beach club. had a wonderful time. your video's good. short and sweet.

raul said...

i love u toyo

un lang, hehehe

have a nice day

Rey/Toyo said...

sinong "Raul" ba ito talaga?
baka mali ang aking suspicion?

raul said...

toyo, actually di mo ako kakilala

im just a fan, an ordinary fan who feels jealous of the one you love... di naman ako stoker, hehehe, at harmless ako (di naman siraulo -- kahit ako si Raul (o!)), pero sana maging magkaibigan tayo at mahawakan o mayakap man lang kita kahit saglit OK NA... ^_^ ingat