09 March 2007


My webcam's been with me for 4 years now. It has seen me change physically throughout the years. Watched my weight go up and down. Watched my bangs & hair recede. Oh no!!! My precious hair!!! ;-) My webcam made it possible for me to visually communicate & make friends from people of different backgrounds from different parts of the world, some of which are still in contact with me after all these years although we haven't met in real life. We even exchange gifts during holidays :-)
It was also through one of my internet videochats that I met my current bf. He & I were cyberbuddies before we decided to meet in-person, and the rest was history. Next month we'll be celebrating our 1st year anniversary :-)

Four years had passed. The PC that I first connected my webcam to is now gone. The cramped bedroom I used to sleep in in my parents home has been replaced with my very own bedroom in my very own house. My sister graduated from college a year after the photo of her & I making silly faces in front of the camera was taken, & before this year ends, she'll be married. And my lokong/crazy nephew will be entering high shool as a senior this year. A lot of things have changed yet my webcam still remains with me, witnessing...capturing bits of my life :-)


Anonymous said...

Do you remember me? I was your very first Eskimo. Thanks for your gift last holiday-a fridge is just what I wanted!

leone said...

Just like a good wine - you get better with age! xx

Rey/Toyo said...

mr. anonymous, please identify yourself!!! ;-)

leone, i'm allergic to the word "age" hehehe!

Anonymous said...

You mean to say you've had more than one Eskimo?

xXxRaShEeD said...

thorough the years with your webcam ha..? hehe..