11 April 2007

Infatuation 2007

It's that time of the year when I once again name the men that I have a HUGE crush on! Actually I had nothing significant to blog today so I ended up talking about my infatuations. Hahaha! On 5th place is Rocco. He's cute and is a world-class chef. I love to eat and he loves to cook. Perfect combination if I may say ;-) No. 4 is Gerard. He's such a yummy daddy in the movie "300." Delicious!!!! ;-)Dennis, a Filipino actor is on 3rd place. He seems demure and innocent but underneath that boy-next-door look of his lies a sexy young man. Ryan's on 2nd place. He's a funny guy and a stud at the same time. I love a guy who can make me laugh. I love to laugh. Hahaha! See? I'm laughing now! ;-) And my number 1 crush is Ricky! He's always been on my list. He can sing. He can dance. He's always welcome to shake his bon bon at me anytime he wishes to. Yeah right! Dream on Toyo! Dream on! Hehehe!
To my blog readers (all 4 of you. hahaha) who've been asking when I'm going to publish a new music video/video clip on my youtube channel, I'll probably do one before the end of May. I already have a concept in mind & I'm thinking of inviting 1 of my friends at guys4men.com to be in the vid. His profile name there is revilo1. I think he'll be perfect for the role because he's young, cute & I'm taller than him. I'm only 5'7" tall. I still have to convince the cutey. He's quite shy :-)

04 April 2007


This is my gym. It's not only a place where I workout, it's also where I spend time whenever I'm really stressed or getting a little bit hotheaded. Exercising calms me down and clears my mind.
Speaking of stress, I got annoyed at Ryan (my bf) lately. He asked me to come over his pad last Saturday. I told him that I would come over but that I didn't want to stay there too long because I wanted to go barhopping which I had not been able to do in months. The last time I had a "nightlife" was December of last year. Although I love it here in the province, too much of the same scenery can get a little boring. I arrived at his place around +/- 7:00pm. We had dinner and afterwards he asked if he could take a nap first because it's still too early in the evening, & that I should wake him up around 1:30am. I decided/tried to wake him up around 2:30am instead so that he'll be more rested. He ended up waking around 3:30am.

We left his pad at Quezon City around 4am. We stopped by his office in Makati around +/- 4:20am to get his mobile phone adaptor. It was +/- 4:30am when we arrived at Government Bar, but there was a long line/crowd of people trying to get inside the place & I wasn't in the best mood to fall in line because I was already upset at Ryan for making me wait for hours in his pad while he slept. He didn't even want me to go out while he was asleep so I won't get bored. Getting back at the story, so since it was packed at Government we decided to head to Malate (Bed Bar). By the time we arrived in Malate, it was already +/- 5:00am. To make matters worse, we were pulled over by the police. The cop said that we entered a one-way street although there weren't any signs saying that it was a one-way street. Fortunately the cop was kind & understanding enough to let us go without ticketing us. We arrived at the bar around +/-5:30am. The sun was already beginning to shine. I decided to just have breakfast at Adriatico instead. Afterwards we went home. We accomplished nothing that night. Driving back from Manila to my home here in Bulacan, I didn't speak to him. It was his idea for me to go to the city in the first place & I rarely go to the city. I rarely go barhopping and I whenever I barhop I want it to be with him because he is after all my bf. Naiyak ako sa inis. Minsan lang ako mag-aya to have some fun 'di pa napagbigyan. Treat ko naman. Nasayang lang outfit ko. LOL! And then he got upset at me for not talking to him. Whatever! From now on ikakabisado ko na streets of Manila para next time that I want to unwind in the city, di na ako aasa sa kanya. Hahaha! ;-) In the meantime, I'll just workout in my sanctuary room & get a boost of endorphins out of it so that I'll feel happier and less irritated, and I can smile again the way I'm smiling in the picture. LOL! ;-)