14 July 2007


It's sweeping the nation! It's the latest craze this monsoon season! If you don't have it, then you are definitely out of touch with the latest trend. I'm talking about C&C or.......cough and colds! Yes, I have them! LOL! It's the IN thing these days, so I (unintentionally) decided to jump in the bandwagon. Nakiuso at nakiubo na rin ako! Hahaha! I'm just staying indoors. Don't wanna infect anyone.
Pero nainspire ako to launch a project. A fashion show in which lahat ng models dapat umuubo at may tumutulong sipon habang rumarampa sa runway. Kleenex lang saplot nila! Title ng show is Look ala Sipone! Very Avant-garde! Yes? Wag niyo na ako kontrahin! Hahaha! I was so "inspired" that I plan to launch a project runway fashion show thingy! The models will only wear Kleenex and they have to dramatically cough & sniff & sob (not cry ok? haha! ) as they walk the runway! Very Avant-garde huh? LOL! :-) Seriously though, I wanna get well soon. God! Stop teasing me and heal me already! Love Ya! ;-)


My MiniDV Cam is fixed. Yehey!
I hope that young guy from G4M is still willing to act in the video. I will never speak
in my videos anymore though because people make fun of my voice
boohuhu! Nahu-hurt tuloy feelings ko. Boohuhuhu. Waaaah! ;-)
No more video blogs. I'm gonna stick to doing short music vids only.


avant-garde model said...

I refuse to come unless you provide the Kleenex! Thanks for the message and the same to you...I'll keep pressing!!

Toyo said...

who is this? :-)

chase said...

juz blog hoppin'

i find your blog really interesting..
you'll be seeing me more in here.

keep ranting bro!!
if you don't mind.. link kita

Toyo said...

thanks for the message chase.
sure, you can link me :-)
i'll link you too when i update my blog.
have a wonderful day!

chase said...

doo itashimashite

Toyo said...


huh? i don't understand!

chase said...

ohhh sori.. your welcome. heheh