23 October 2007


My lola (grandma) passed away at the age of 92 last Saturday (the 20th of Oct.) All of my lolas are in heaven now. It was really painful especially seeing my father cry over the passing of his mother. Fathers are supposed to represent strength in the family...I couldn't help but cry whenever I see my father cry. Even the thought of him crying, makes me cry. These are one of the moments I wished I had a partner comforting me...but I do not. So I have to toughen myself up again like I did when my other lola passed away 2 years ago. There were moments I felt really down though because everybody else had their partners to comfort them throughout this ordeal. My parents have each other, my sisters have their husbands and boyfriend. I had none. Anyway, there's a saying "pain builds up a person's character." Ayoko naman masyadong magpakalungkot, baka mainis si lola sa kaka-emote ko. Baka multohin niya ako at sabunutan :-)

One of my fondest memories of lola took place when I was around 9 or 10 years old. We were in the city zoo and there was this naughty chimpanzee that kept spitting on people. However, when the chimp was busy being mischievous, it didn't notice lola sneaking near the cage. Before the chimp knew it, lola poked its butt using her umbrella causing it to panic and climb its tree. Hahaha! I can't help but smile whenever I remember that scene :-)
I know that lola is in a much better place now. She doesn't have to suffer anymore. No more sickness and pain. I am thankful because if it were not for her, I wouldn't have a loving father, and I wouldn't be here telling the whole world of my appreciation for her. Thank you lola. We love you.

13 October 2007

I'm A Dad!

Well....technically speaking..I'm not. Hehehe! I had a dream a few days ago. In it was the cutest little boy I've ever seen and he called me...dad. Aren't dreams supposed to be the reflections of one's subconscious thoughts and desires? So, does that mean that deep inside I do want to have a kid of my own? I'm confused. I told myself years ago that I would never consider having one. With my current lifestyle, I can't afford to have a kid of my own. I'm too happy-go-lucky to raise a son. Yes, a son! A handsome gay son! Hahaha! I don't want a daughter, they are too high-maintenance. Well, maybe when I'm older, I might consider having a child. But I will not do it the "traditional" way ok? It's through artificial means of course. 'Di ko kayang "pumatol" sa babae. Baka masuka ako. Haha! :-) But if the kid grew up into a brat, I'll return him to where he came from and ask for a refund! LOL! ;-)

Had a check-up earlier. It was just hyperacidity ;-) My hair's getting long again. I like my hair cut very short though like that of a soldier. Military cut :-)

07 October 2007


I've been blogging for years now, and through the course of these years I've learned to develop a thick skin when it comes to dealing with messages/emails that are hateful in nature. I am aware that there are people who do not agree with my sexuality and lifestyle but I don't think that gives them the right to send me messages with hateful terms such as; idiot, asshole, shithead, slut, etc. I've been getting a lot of these types of messages lately. I wonder why? Iniistorbo nila ako. Mga antipatika!!!! Hahaha!
There are also gay men who criticize the sound of my voice so condescendingly. What disappoints me the most is that majority of these gay men are Filipinos like me. I've corresponded with people from other countries and they didn't seem to have any problems regarding the way I speak. It's my fellow Filipino gay brothers who seem to have an "issue" with it. They say that it's a shame that my voice is too gay or soft. They (Filipino homosexual critics) usually refer to themselves as "bisexuals" even though they do not have sex with women. Very confusing! Naloko ako! Hehe! Well, as for me...I am gay and I don't have any intentions of changing the way that I am just to seek other people's approval or meet other people's "standards" with regards to what they believe is attractive. I've done that before and I only ended up feeling miserable, insecure, and shallow.
I don't wish to become a "lemming", a follower...always trying to conform & please everyone. And hindi yata bagay sa akin magsalita ng mga katagang "bro", "dude", "pre", "pare".....pare...pakiss naman pare....Hahaha! Ayokong masyadong maging paminta. 1/4 paminta lang. Hahaha! I just want to be me and I'll continue to be the way that I am as long as the manner in which I live my life doesn't intentionally hurt or offend others in the process. There's already a lot of things negative in this world and I don't wish to be a part of that :-)


I have nothing against bisexuals and pamintas ok?
I even had a relationship with one in the past
Ayoko lang ng overly paminta. They look too stiff ;-)