24 December 2007

Happy Holidays! ;-)

I'm making a list, and checking it twice. I'm gonna find out who's naughty & nice...
I tried to apply as a Santa Claus in one of those malls in the city but they wouldn't hire me. Just
because I only let cute men who've been naughty this year sit on my lap, listen to their wishes and then give them their gifts doesn't mean that I'm not qualified to be a Santa Claus!!!! Grrr! It's unfair! I spent thousands....of centavos on my Santa outfit. Boohuhu! ;-)
All I want is to spread the message of loving and giving to cute men everywhere, and afterwards I'll let them ride my sleigh and I'll take them to my home where we can have biscuits and some milking of my warm pole. Oops! I'm sorry! What I meant to say was, have biscuits & drink some warm milk in the north pole where I your friendly neighborhood Santa Claus lives. LOL! ;-) Kayo talaga ha! Nagmamadali kasi akong magtype nitong blog kaya nami-mix ko yung words...
Hahaha! Just kidding!
Happy holidays to all of us!!!!

10 December 2007

Drew & Mano

One of my favorite couples Andrew & Manolo, was recently here in the Philippines. That's my bf (Ryan) with the cap & glasses, Andrew is the white gentleman, Manolo (Mano) is the gentleman in the blue &white striped shirt, and of course me wearing the shirt with long sleeves eventhough the weather was warm that night :-) The photos were taken at The Fort/Bonifacio Global City which is my new favorite place to chill out. Sawa na ako sa Makati eh. Masarap mag shopping sa Makati (Greenbelt/Glorietta/Rockwell) pero mas gusto ko sa The Fort mag chill. Mas maraming cute don. Hehe! We just finished dinner when the pics were taken which is why I looked bloated. Haha!
Mano & Drew have been together for more than a decade. Sixteen years if I remembered it right, which is why they inspire me to make my own relationship with my bf grow deeper and stay stronger :-) I wish I could have spent more time with them, but November's been a very busy & stressful month for me :-( I hope one day I'll be able to visit them in San Francisco IF I got over my fear of flying. I suffer from terrible air sickness. I wish them the best of health, happiness and more decades together :-) 

06 December 2007

Young & In-Love

An excerpt from a slideshow I presented at my sis' wedding :-)
I have to admit, they make a cute couple.

Malapit na 15th year high school reunion namin. I don't have a date!
Nakabili na nga ako ng winter outfit ko eh. Ipagpipilitan kong mag fur coat. Pero wala akong suot underneath. Flasher??!! Hahaha!
My bf won't be able to accompany me. He has to work daw. Kaasar siya! Work work! Che!!!!Nakakainis! Nakakalungkot! Nakakaloko! Boohuhu! :-(
Parang ayoko ng umattend. Pero baka umattend yung crush ko.
Nakakalito!!!!! ;-)